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A precise piston pump with minimal energy expenditure

| By Chemical Engineering

Sera ProDose

Sera ProDose

The new piston diaphragm pumps of the model series R 509.1 (photo) add to the sera dosing-pump product repertoire with eccentric screw adjusters. The operating range of the new 509.1 piston diaphragm pumps varies from 6.5 to 81 L/h at counterpressures of up to 300 bars. The pump’s design minimizes the energy expended adjusting the stroke length, while at the same time increasing precision during operation, as well as during idle time. The stroke can be continuously adjusted from 0–100% using a handwheel or a servomotor. For use in petroleum refining, pumps are available in both an explosion-proof version and a version that is compliant with API standards 674 and 675. — Sera ProDose GmbH, Immenhausen, Germany