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April 2007

Focus on Health, Safety & Environmental Tools



Get a grip on slippery objects with these chemical-resistant gloves

AlphaTEC gloves (photo) are said to be the first chemical-resistant gloves to incorporate Ansill Grip Technology. Designed as a liquid-proof product requiring less force to grip oily or wet objects, the AlphaTEC gloves have been tested at the production sites of 25 major industrial companies throughout Europe. The gloves integrate microscopic channels in a patented ultra-thin nitrile layer to direct fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a significant dry contact area; this provides nearly the same grip as is possible under fluid-free conditions. - Ansell Healthcare, Red Bank, N.J.


A sound way to identify emergency escape routes

The ONYX ExitPoint audible-exit technology (photo) is said to improve building evacuation and can reduce evacuation times by up to 75%. The device is a compact speaker that produces broadband noise, thus acting as an audible exit sign. Unlike emergency lighting and other visual aids, the ONYX ExitPoint is not obstructed by smoke. - Notifier, Northford, Conn.


Dust does not hamper this airflow monitor

The AF 100 Series air-flow monitors are specifically designed for measuring air flow/velocity in processes and stacks with high concentrations of particulate matter. There are no orifices or thermal elements to clog, and installation requires no precise alignment or calibration. The device combines a time-of-flight, cross-correlation principle with the company's charge-induction and ultralow-current measurement techniques to yield absolute measurements without concern for contamination from dust. Applications include process pipes, injection lines, dryers, cyclones, precipitators baghouses and stacks. - FilterSense, Beverly, Mass.


Wear this suit for protection while doing hazardous tasks

KleenGuard A70 Chemical Spray Protection Coveralls (photo) provide excellent protection for applications such as hazardous-waste remediation, environmental cleanup, petrochemical and petroleum refining, acid and caustic handling, biohazards cleanup, tank cleaning and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Only taped and bound seams are used, and a patented Reflex design provides a seamless chest area, a primary splash zone, and an elastic waist for better fit. - Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga.


A steel protective coating has the approval of insurers

FM Global has approved the epoxy-based intumescent Interchar 212 (photo) and Chartek 1709 fire-protection products for the protection of steel structures. The approval process included evaluation of fire test data from Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) as well as onsite audits at the manufacturer's manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe. Both products are dust-free and made with 100% solids materials that contain no volatile organic compounds and meet fire ratings for both E119 as well as rapid rise UL 1790 applications for up to three hours. - International Paint LLC, Houston, Tex.


This red LED alarts pilots to steer clear

The D164 Series light-emitting-diode (LED) based red beacon (photo) has T4A certification and is rated for hazardous locations, such as flare stacks, chimneys, refinery towers and other potential obsticals to aircraft navigation. The beacon also complies with Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR 621.19), ICAO (Annex 14, July 1990) and UL 844 Class 1, Div. 2. Designed for booth new installations and as a replacement for 300mm incandescent obstruction lighting fixtures, the new beacon mounts onto existing bolt-pattern installations. - Dialight Corp., Farmingdale, N.J.


An LED puts surveillance in the spotlight

The new UFLED infrared illuminator (photo) is a highly-efficient, LED illuminator for night-day surveillance cameras and speed domes. The lamp has a 24-V input yet consumes less than 40 W of power. Features include a narrow, focused-beam pattern for illuminating up to 650 ft, IP66 and NEMA 4 design for harsh environments and a 940-nm wavelength option for covert operation. - Extreme CCTV, Burnaby, B.C., Canada


Wear this gas detector to be safe

Three sensor options are available for the Altair Pro high-performance, single-gas detector: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. The unit's easy-to-read display shows gas concentration, alarm conditions and set points, battery status and peak reading. An extra-thick, rubberized housing is resistant to water and dust, and can be securely attached to clothing with a suspension clip. - MSA Europe, Berlin


A system to see furnace troubles before they become problems

The FireSight High-Temperature Remote Viewing System (photo) continuously permits the safe viewing of the flame quality and impingement (if present) on the tube walls of petrochemical process heaters. Operators can view the flame in real time in order to tune the furnace to eliminate this hazardous and potentially catastrophic condition. The system also provides an economical means to speed light off and reduce NOx emissions by permitting color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators. - Lenox Instrument Co., Trevose, Pa.




April New Products (international edition)



Get a charge from this dust monitor

The new TÜV-approved, dust-concentration measurement systems S303 and S305 (photo) are designed for qualitative and quantitative determination of dust emissions from dry fluegases. The triboelectric effect is used as a basis for the measurement: particles come in contact with a conducting surface causing a charge transfer between the particle and the sensor. This small charge provides a signal that the electronic system evaluates in the measurement range of 0.1 to 1,000 mg/m3. Both systems have a probe head with integrated electronics, and an integrated stainless-steel probe rod (500 mm long), which is installed in the gas pipeline. - Afriso-Euro-Index GmbH, Güglingen, Germany


This centrifugal pump meets API requirements

The CombiPro range of process pumps (photo) feature a fully integrated design of motor, base plate and accessories; meet the latest API 610 requirements and offer "outstanding" hydraulic performance, says the manufacturer. The Combipro centrifugal pump is suitable for fluid transfer in petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants. The range has models that operate at system pressures up to 35 bar, capacities up to 350 m3/h, heads up to 160 m, and operating temperatures ranging from -30 to +350°C. - JP Pumps Ltd., a part of the SPX Process Equipment Operation, Crawley, U.K.


An economical way to seal large dimensions

Butt-joint vulcanized elastomer O-rings (photo) and elastomer profiles are said to be especially economical solutions for sealing equipment with very large seal-contact areas, such as separation columns, turbines and other large machines. A secure bond is achieved between the seal ends of cut-to-size products by applying original elastomer material to the point of connection and then vulcanizing the ends together in a special tool. Whereas continuous profiles that have been glued are only suitable for use in static applications, with butt-joint vulcanization, these large seals can now also withstand dynamic loads, says the firm. - Freudenberg Simrit KG, Weinheim, Germany


Use this oscilloscope to capture fast signals

This firm is completing its MTX Compact range of digital oscilloscopes with the new MTX 3354 (photo), which offers 4 channels, a bandwidth of 150 MHz and sampling rates of 100 GS/s in repetitive mode (200 MS/s in single-shot mode). SPO (smart persistence oscilliscope) combines the advantages of analog and digital oscilloscopes, allowing users to detect brief events, instabilities or unexpected anomalies. - Chauvin Arnoux, Paris, France


Consider this pump for hygienic applications

The new 38 mm Wilden PV4 stainless steel pump (photo) is EHDEG Doc.2 Doc.3 compliant and certified to 3A standard 44-03, making it capable of handling the most demanding sanitary and hygienic applications. The pump can also be configured to satisfy clean-in-place requirements for the prevention of microbial contamination. Supplied with the Pro-Flo V air-distribution system, the PV4 is recommended for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The pump has a maximum flowrate of 352 L/min, a maximum operating pressure of 8.6 bar, and can pass solids that are up to 6.4 mm in size. - AxFlow Ltd., London, England

Smart alarm management is a feature of PCS Version 7

A host of new functions are available in the latest (Version 7) of the Simatic PCS 7 process control system (photo). For example, plant security is enhanced by the intelligent alarm-management system that prioritizes incoming alarms so that operating personnel can pinpoint the most urgent cases. Also new is comprehensive protection against "hacker" attacks on plant operator's IT systems. The alarm management system is based on the coordinated interaction of individual measures, such as encryption or firewalls and a defense-in-depth security architecture. In addition, the new Version allows integration of non-intelligent plant components into plant-level asset management. To monitor mechanical assets, such as heat exchangers, tanks, pumps or motors, special functions have been developed via maintenance alarms can be channeled into the asset management system and displayed to the service personnel on the maintenance station. - Siemens Automation and Drives, Nuremberg, Germany


Prevent contamination during trans-fers with this disposable funnel

The Industrial Fast Funnels (photo) are a simple, convenient and clean way to pour liquids. Intended for one-time use, each funnel remains clean and compact until separated from the header and opened. Made of coated, heavy-grade paper stock, the funnels can be used with virtually any liquid or powder, and are designed to fit a wide range of orifices. - Trico Corp., Pewaukee, Wisc.


Large PTA operations benefit from these decanters

Due to recent development work, it is now possible for this firm's PTA decanters (photo) to continuously process up to 50 m.t./h of dry PTA (purified terephthalic acid) powder while maintaining normal high-quality product. The decanters have proven themselves to be reliable over a long period of service. On continuous duty (24/7), internal and external seals are said to last well over a year, whereas in the past such vital components had to be replaced every five months, causing additional expense, reduced or lost production and costly downtime. - Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd., Huddersfield, U.K.


When space is limited, consider this CIP system

This firm's mobile clean-in-place (CIP) system (photo) can be used in applications where built-in CIP systems are unfeasible, either because of space limitations or the unreasonable effort needed for installation. The unit features a programmable logic controller (PLC) in combination with temperature, conductivity and level measurement for optimal control of the entire CIP process, including the return and recycling of cleaning solutions. Cleaning of plants and devices comply with regulations in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. - Bioengineering AG, Wald, Switzerland


Reduce costs with efficient air cooling

The new FSD Screw Compressor Series (photo) provides free-air deliveries of up to 57 m3/min. Each unit features cost-effective air cooling and the company's maintenance-free direct-drive system. Air cooling is said to be up to 60% less expensive than using water-cooled systems. The company's special cooling system uses a radial fan that draws in cool, ambient air through the coolers, leading to significant savings for drive powers of 250 kW and higher. - Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH, Coburg, Germany


Watch and control hot kilns with this IR system

CS200 (photo) is a comprehensive temperature measurement system for monitoring, control and analysis of rotating kilns used in cement and lime production, as well as on rotating kilns used for primary minerals processing. The system combines infrared sensor technology and a powerful software program that allow the detection and monitoring of refractory hot spots to prevent costly kiln damage and extend production runs between refractory replacement. - Raytek GmbH, Berlin, Germany


A valve positioner that keeps getting smarter

The new SVI II AP advanced performance digital positioner (photo) offers improved controllability, sensitivity and speed. The SVI II AP firmware and software have also been enhanced, allowing for realtime data collection and tracking to accurately monitor and predict equipment performance. The wide range of features and functions, such as advanced diagnostics, can be upgraded in the field via a Flash ROM. In addition to the quick and easy mounting of the positioner, the "setup wizard" and the automated calibration and tuning functions help optimize the equipment setup and operation in significantly less time. The device's auto tuning function provides accurate and precise control of the valve position, and a non-contacting sensor offers precise, reliable performance and long life. - Masoneilan, Courbevoie, France


A new size available for this fast, quiet valve

This firm has launched a 1-in. version of its 353/800 Power Pulse valves. Specifically designed for the dust-collector market, the valves feature a patented piston design that enables significantly faster opening and closing times, quieter operation and lower operating costs. The patented piston design substantially reduces the stroke volume while still enabling high flowrates. The reduced stroke volume cuts the amount of air to be exhausted, resulting in faster operation and enabling savings to be made in compressed air production. A new bonnet design allows air to expand inside the valve, lowering the noise at the exhaust. For applications where there is a possibility of dirt buildup blocking the silencer, an option is available to enable exhaust gases to vent directly into the valve outlet port. - ASCO Joucomatic GmbH, Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany


Draw Sankey diagrams with this new software tool

A new Windows-based software, called e!Sankey, enables engineers, environmental consultants and scientists to create appealing process diagrams and flow charts also known as Sankey diagrams. These allow users to visualize a wide range of processes, such as production costs, energy losses of a particular machine or material flows within specific economic sectors. The new tool is extremely user friendly and offers a variety of examples and templates. - ifu Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


Ceramic heat exchangers can take the heat

This firm manufactures a complete range of plate heat exchangers made of EKasic silicon carbide, with gasket-free models now becoming available for special customer requirements (photo). The B260 and B500 Series countercurrent, plate heat exchangers were designed especially for heat transfer between liquids with a pressure difference of up to 16 bar. In addition to its superioer abrasion and corrosion resistance, SiC also has a high (110 W/mK) thermal conductivity - well above that of chrome-nickel steel or chrome steel (16-25 W/mK). The spectrum of potential applications now covers the temperature range up to 850°C. - ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG, Kempten, Germany


A mixing system for continuous pharmaceutical processing

Based on this company's Cyclomix technology, the Modulomix (photo) is a continuous mixer developed for the pharmaceutical industry. The Modulomix is available in a standard version with a limited volume, in order to achieve fast reactivity, a minimum of residues and a rapid startup and shutdown process. To increase the capacity, several units can simply be connected in parallel. Multiple mixing steps can also be performed by connecting several of the units in series. - Hosokawa Micron B.V., Doetinchem, Netherlands


Only one electrode needed for non-aqueous titrations

The new Metrosensor-Solvotrode 6.0229.100 is a combined pH-glass electrode especially suitable for nonaqueous acid-base titrations, which are important for quality control in the pharmaceutical, petroleum, plastics and oil-and-fat industries. The electrode has a rapid response and provides stable measurements, even in poorly conducting media. - Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG, Filderstadt, Germany

A new version of process simulation software

ProSimPlus is the latest version of this firm's steady-state process simulator. The new release integrates the software component Simulis Thermodynamics, a thermodynamics server that can be used in MS-Excel, Matlab or other software requiring thermophysical properties. Within the ProSimPlus environment, it is now possible to visualize, graphically, the pure component properties and to calculate phase equilibria or any type of transport properties on the components of the process. ProSimPlus is now CAPE-OPEN compliant, allowing users to integrate third party's CAPE-OPEN unit operations directly in ProSimPlus simulation - ProSim S.A., Toulouse, France


Measure tank levels with this wireless unit

The Submersible Level Field Unit is designed to measure hydrostatic level in a vented tank, and is available with an integrated sensor or an extended sensor. In situations where the level measurement point is low to the ground or the tank is surrounded by a containment dike, the extended sensor allows for more-advantageous positioning of the wireless transceiver, without compromising accuracy, says the firm. The Field Unit is self contained, fully wireless, and samples pressure at regular intervals based on user specifications. - Accutech, a div. of Adaptive Instruments Corp., Hudson, Mass.

A tiny pump for accurate dosing of small amounts

The Micropump MZR (photo) series of micro annular gear pumps are suitable for applications that require accurate dosing of liquids in the microliter and milliliter range. The compact design integrates the pump, drive and control; and the components are machined to a close tolerance. Two series of pumps are available that cover flowrates from 0.15 to 300 L/min. and discrete individual dispense amounts starting from as little as 0.25 µL. All pumps have a precise d.c. drive that ensures a dosing accuracy of better than 1%. - Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, Surrey, U.K.


Fill bags accurately with this unit

The high-speed PN-90/CGS bagging scale is recommended for handling products with regular flow, including plastics pellets, granular fertilizer, sugar and seeds. Depending on the product density and flow characteristics, the unit can perform 30 cycles of 25 kg/min. Dosing is performed by means of a servomotor-driven gate; output capacity and accuracy are optimized using both acceleration and decceleration ramps. Bags (25 kg) are filled with an accuracy of ±1 g. - Payper S.A., Lleida, Spain


A fieldbus device coupler gains FM approval

Route-Master Fieldbus System (photo) eliminates the crippling restrictions and extremely high cost of FISCO-based systems by allowing users to drive up to 350 mA/segment and install up to 16 Foundation Fieldbus instruments on a single fieldbus segment. The Route-Master - composed of power supplies and device couplers - has recently received FM approval as an intrinsically safe apparatus for use in the U.S. and Canada. - Moore Industries-International, Inc., North Hills, Calif.


Analyze a product's color for realtime quality control

The Colobserver online analyzer measures the color of a product in realtime, directly at the manufacturing site. For bulk solids, the system can be used for quality control, resource management, detecting off-spec product and for monitoring production parameters such as blending recipes and cooking time. The system can also be used in the sugar industry for controlling the moisture content, detecting brown lumps and monitoring centrifugation operations. The non-invasive system has a measuring head separate from the analyzer, and is equipped with a PLC that communicates (via analog or fieldbus) with the plant's PLCs. - Iteca Socadei, Aix en Provence, France


This analyzer is fast and sensitive

The Spectro-Arcos is claimed to be the fastest and most-sensitive commercially available, inductively coupled plasma, optical-emission spectrometer (ICP-OES). The Spectro utilizes 32 linear CCD (charged coupled device) detectors in an optimized Paschen-Runge mount ORCA (optimized Rowland circle alignment) for the simultaneous recording of the wavelengths between 130 and 770 nm. A 750-mm focal length improves the resolution by a factor of two, says the firm. - Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Kleve, Germany


A wireless serial port for portable devices

The OWSPA311gi/x is a compact WLAN serial port adapter suitable for portable, industrial devices and is designed for straightforward wireless upgrade. The module is a complete communication unit featuring IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless LAN and a high performaing TCP/IP stack. It enables the host to stream data over TCP or UDP without the need of an external driver or a TCP/IP stack. - connectBlue AB, Malmö, Sweden


Ensure pipeline integrity with this corrosion monitor

The Ring Pair Corrosion Monitor (RPCM) is used for realtime integrity management of pipelines, flow lines and piping, both on- and off-shore. A new data sheet (GL016) details the principles of operation, applications, outputs and capabilities. The technology is notable for combining high resolution with long, maintenance-free life, which are required for all proactive pipeline integrity management applications - Cormon Ltd., Lansing, U.K.


This sensor reads moisture content during emulsions production

The latest generation of this firm's water-content measuring system, the Type Litronic FMS II (photo), determines a precise and reliable determination of water content in emulsions (such as water in oil, lubrication oil, coolant, paint) during production. The sensors can be installed in tanks and pipes. A single calibration of the sensor according to local process conditions and the on-board microprocessor ensures exact and reproducible measurements. The sensor is easily connected to the user's PC. An explosion-proof version is also available. - Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH, Bad Schussenried, Germany