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August 2008

August: New Products (North American Edition)

Use this Position Sensor in a Wide Range of Applications

A new series of ¾-in. dia. hermetically sealed position sensors offer an infinite cycle life to serve as long-life replacements for failing potentiometers. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial position-measurement applications, such as machine-tool positioning, hydraulic-cylinder positioning, valve-position sensing and automatic assembly equipment. Offering a favorable ratio of a short sensor body length to sensor range, these sensors are ideal for long-stroke applications where sensor length needs to be essentially the same length as the stroke of the device. Available in standard ranges of 4 – 25 in., LP750 Series Linear Position Sensors (photo) are offered with a pre-calibrated loop-powered 4-20 input/output (Model LPIR) or a nominal 24Vd.c. input 0 to 10 Vd.c. output (Model LPER). In addition to high resolution, excellent repeatability and low hysteresis, these sensors have a maximum linearity error of ±0.25% of full-scale output. — Macro Sensors, Pennsauken, N.J.

This Compact Pump Delivers 10 gal/min Flowrates

This close-coupled plunger pump features top performance in a space-saving footprint. The compact, single-extended shaft 7CP plunger pump (photo) delivers 10 gal/min, and mounts onto a motor using a bell housing and flexible coupling. Two close-coupled, motor-pump units are available for either 1,460 psi or 2,000 psi performance: the 7CP6110BH103, or the 7CP6110BH153. Typical applications including a coolant flushing system, a dual-gun prep unit, and a multi-gun truck wash system. — Cat Pumps, Minneapolis, Minn.

Cut a Wide Variety of Materials Quickly and Safely

AirBand (photo), a portable, air-powered band saw, is ATEX approved for hazardous environments and EX zones and is ideal for use in grain silos, oil-and-gas facilities, utilities and underground mining where hazardous atmospheres may be present. AirBand model 5 6003 0010 is engineered to quickly and cleanly cut a wide variety of metals up to 4 – 3/4-in. O.D., including pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, I-beams and structural steel. The variable-speed motor, 120 – 220 ft 2 /min, enables the operator to adapt the cutting speed to the material, maximizing both cutting performance and blade life. The vertical orientation of the motor provides a clear view of the cut, and an adjustable tracking mechanism ensures proper blade alignment. It uses 20 ft 3 /min air volume at 90 psi air pressure, and weighs just 14 lb. — CS Unitec, Norwalk, Conn.

Compact Reaction for Viscous Mixtures Offers Powerful Stirring

Viscous reaction mixtures often require more powerful stirring than can be achieved with magnetic stirrers. The Vortex stirrer system (photo) converts a single overhead stirrer into a powerful three-position parallel stirrer combined with a multiple heating block. The combination of Vortex stirring and DrySyn heating provides efficient stirring while retaining the benefits of DrySyn — improved safety, rapid heat transfer and space saving. The Vortex system operates with any overhead stirrer to give simultaneous, directly driven stirring for up to three standard 100, 250 or 500 mL round-bottomed flasks. — Asynt, Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Weigh Heavy Loads with this Tloor Scale

A new line of high-capacity, low-profile floor scales are built to withstand the severe loading conditions typical of fork lifts and pallet jacks. RoughDeck floor scales (photo) feature 6-in. structural steel channel frames welded to tread-plate decks for optimum rigidity and minimum deflection under severe loading conditions. Easy to access for leveling, all load cells are recessed within a channel, cables are routed in protective conduits, and the junction box is mounted on a handy slide-out tray. Featuring simple-to-operate keypad indicators, RoughDeck floor scales are offered in sizes from 30 in 2 up to 8 by 10 in. with 1,000 to 30,000 lb. capacities. Junction boxes are protected from moisture and use quick disconnect cables. Options include access ramps, pit frames for in-floor installation, 304-stainless-steel versions, and indicator stands. — Alliance Scale, Inc., Canton, Mass.

Homogenize Small-Scale Solutions with this Powerful Unit

The Kinematica Polytron PT 10/35 GT homogenizer (photo) is the successor to the Polytron PT 10/35, and is ideal for applications between 0.1 and 3,000 mL — creating a new standard for laboratory homogenizing and mixing tasks in the medium benchtop range. Features include: a 60% more powerful motor; speeds up to 30,000 rpm; an integrated speed controller; an easily readable speed scale; a new quick coupling; a noise-reducing slim-line housing; exchangeable drive extensions for different types of stands; and a new standard stand. — Brinkmann Instruments, Inc., Westbury, N.Y.

This Air-Monitoring System Provides Near Real-Time Analysis

A versatile, open-path FTIR gas analyzer, the AM Air Monitoring System, can detect, identify and measure a wide range of compounds simultaneously, within seconds of startup. Analysis is performed onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1,000 m. Whether the application is battlefield chemical-warfare-agent analysis, civilian hazardous-event response, industrial stack or fence-line monitoring and analysis or environmental research, the AM System can provide continuous, unattended, near realtime detection at parts-per-billion to percent levels for hundreds of chemicals. Weighing approximately 40 lb and measuring just 8 by 14 by 8 in., the compact interferometer module is easy to transport and can be powered by a 12-V car battery. — Midac, Costa Mesa, Calif.

This Stream Selector System Facilitates Sample Analysis

The SSV Series stream selector system (photo) delivers a representative sample from multiple sample streams to a single analyzer. These modular assemblies are ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible and accommodate multiple process streams in a small space. Each stream is controlled by a double-block-and-bleed (DBB) module to eliminate cross contamination and maintain sample integrity. Based upon a modular technology concept, these valves house double-block, bleed, and actuation functions within a single, compact module to reduce total space needed to perform sample-stream selection and overall installation time. The SSV Series stream-selector system features an integrated flow loop to streamline sampling and purging and provide consistent outlet flow. — Swagelok, Solon, Ohio

Link Documents to Respective Transactions with this Tool

A document linker has been added to this company’s Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. The ERP software system offers a built-in electronic document management system that allows manufacturers to store any electronic files throughout the main ERP system. An extension of the electronic-document-management system, the document linker allows manufacturers to link an unlimited number of transactional documents to their corresponding transactions. It uses barcodes to link documents, such as delivery tickets and packing lists, to their respective transactions. The ERP Software System is designed to integrate the business processes of specialty chemical manufacturers into a single system. — Deacom, Inc., Wayne, Pa.

Define Alerts and Reminders for Notification of Plant Conditions

Operator Alert is the newest addition to this firm’s critical-condition-management products. Operator Alert lets plant operators easily define alerts and reminders to notify them of plant conditions, while allowing quick and effective configuration of new alerts. Operator Alert has both Web and Windows interfaces, and alerts can be configured to notify individuals or groups of operators. It works in conjunction with AMO-Rt, a comprehensive realtime alarm-and-event management suite, which includes alarm and event data collection and analysis, performance-metrics management, documentation and rationalization, state-based alarm handling, flood suppression, alarm shelving, as well as audit and enforce to keep alarm systems performing optimally. — PAS, Houston, Tex.

Analyze Samples Faster with these Spectrometers

The 600-IR series of FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared) spectrometers, microscopes and imaging solutions (photo) comprises a range of products for both routine analyses and advanced research applications. The design of these instruments focuses on performance and optical throughput. This new range of spectrometers and microscopes enables users to run samples faster, while maintaining the highest accuracy and reproducibility, saving both time and money. These spectrometers can be upgraded from a single range, single-detector configuration to an instrument that can cover the wavelength range of 200 nm to 0.1 cm. — Varian, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.

This Lubricant Penetrates through Layers of Rust

To free seized or corroded assemblies, Loctite Freeze and Release, a low-viscosity, spray-on lubricant, is designed to shock-freeze metal parts, allowing lubricating oils to penetrate into rust layers. Loctite Freeze and Release instantly freezes seized and rusted parts to – 45˚F, allowing hairline cracks to form in the rust layer as the metal contracts. These cracks allow the product’s lubricating oil to penetrate into the rust layer efficiently by capillary action. After 1 – 2 min., the assembly is easy to dismantle. Loctite Freeze and Release eliminates the need for cutting torches and die grinders. The product is available in a 400-mL aerosol can. — Henkel, Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn.

Handle Either Liquids or Solids with an Explosion-Proof Vacuum

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners play a key role in the prevention of accidents. This line of explosion-proof vacuums is composed of two electric models, the CFM 118 EXP and 118 EXPW, and two intrinsically-safe pneumatic models, the A15 EXP and A15 EXPW. The 118 EXP is for pick-up of dry materials, while the 118 EXPW is equipped for picking up liquids and other wet hazardous materials. They are composed entirely of 304 stainless steel, and equipped with conductive accessories to eliminate percussion arcing and static charge. In addition, the 118 EXP Series has undergone extensive testing and is CSA approved for use in Class I, Group D, and Class II, Groups E, F, and G environments. All vacuums in the new explosion-proof line feature an ergonomic design, including a wheeled collection container that is easy to remove, lift, carry and empty. — Nilfisk cfm, Malvern, Pa.

This NOx Sensor Boasts a Resolution of 0.1-ppb

The portable GreenLine 8000 (photo) uses a built-in chiller, heated sample line, and Low NOx sensors with 0.1 ppm resolution to ensure diligent sample conditioning and accurate Low NOx measurements. The GreenLine 8000 can incorporate up to nine gas sensors, including: O 2, CO, Low NO, Low NO 2, SO 2, H 2 S, CO 2 NDIR, CO NDIR, CxHy NDIR. It has low NOx sensors with 500 ppm range and 0.1 ppm resolution, as well as true NOx (NO + NO 2) capabilities. It is designed with a built-in Peltier chiller with an automatic water drain, as well as a heated probe and heated hose. Complete with a remote Control and Display Unit with Bluetooth Wireless, it offers internal data memory with the ability to store 9,000 tests, and an accompanying PC software with realtime graphing, reporting and logging. — E Instruments Group, LLC, Langhorne, Pa.

Metal-Seated Valve Design for Critical Service Applications

This firm offers the Cartridge Valve (photo) with a mechanical-seal design for critical service applications. The patented valve utilizes aspects of ball valves, gate valves, and even triple-offset butterfly valves to protect the sealing surface during valve operation. A tapered hemispherical closure member rotates around a fixed core and wedges into a fixed seat to effect a mechanical seal. Cartridge Valves are designed in accordance with ANSI B16.34 and are also available with API 6D certification. They are available in sizes 2 – 10 in. and in ANSI Classes 150 to 900 and other sizes are currently in development. The valve is available in carbon steel, low-alloy steels, stainless steels, and other materials, such as duplex stainless steel, superduplex stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel. — Hemiwedge Valve Corp., Conroe, Tex.

These Rotary Level Indicators Provide Self-Diagnosis

The Maxima+ Series of genuine fail-safe rotary level indicators has the ability to continuously self-diagnose and, in the event of failure, give an immediate warning with an instantaneous corrective response. The Maxima+ series was designed for integration into process control systems, with reliable circuitry that allows both materials level monitoring and automatic control of the process system. In addition to automatic self-diagnosis, the supervisory circuit of the Maxima+ sends a signal to an external LED, which indicates the sensor’s status, giving a quick visual monitoring of paddle rotation, covered condition or fault condition. A pulse status relay is also provided for remote status monitoring. The Maxima+ Series is designed for controlling dry bulk-material storage and flow. Typical applications include feed, cement, grain, plastic, aggregates and wood products. — BinMaster, Lincoln, Nebr.

Create 3D Models from Heat-Management Data

The 3D-file compatible Tracer Lynx heat-management-system (HMS) software interfaces with industry standard IDF and PCF files allowing HMS designers to utilize the master model data from clients to create 3D modeled plant designs. Tracer Lynx is a fully integrated solution designed to be employed throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Specialized functions have been developed to support many critical HMS project activities, including scope definition, estimating, pipe sorting and grouping, heat-tracing design, material procurement, construction planning, and field progress measurement. Building on Intergraph’s Isogen and SmartPlant Isometrics software as a framework, Tracer Lynx bases all of its activities on one database. — Tyco Thermal Controls, Redwood City, Calif.

This Water-Jet Lance has a Seal that Lasts Longer

The new NCG8450A-3 rotating water-jet lance has an ultra-high pressure (UHP) seal that lasts an average of 40 h — five times longer than previous seals. The field-repairable lance delivers UHP water (up to 40,000 psi) with a rotating action and widening the spray pattern, thereby making product removal more productive. The NCG8450A-3 can be used with any of this firm’s multi-orifice heads. Its rotation speed is variable up to 3,000 rpm, and is provided with a reliable, air-driven swivel. The ergonomic lance enhances operator protection in several ways, including dual-trigger operation and instant pressure dump. It comes with a 36-in. long barrel, while the the NCG8450LA-3 Model has a 48-in. longbarrel. — NLB Corp., Wixom, Mich.

Acquisition Creates a Full Cost Control and Forecasting Package

PCMS and Track, two cost-control software packages used in petroleum refining, chemical and petrochemical industries, have joined forces. Management Controls, Inc., the owner of Track, has acquired PCMS (Project Control Management System). Users will soon benefit from contractor administration and cost control provided by Track, along with the activity-based cost tracking and forecasting that PCMS provides, all in one software package. Later this year, PCMS will become Track’s Project Cost Forecasting (PCF) module. Cost control and predictability will be improved in the execution of large projects with the use of this single software program. By giving users the ability to perform paperless contractor administration and total cost functions, and to allow them to track project costs as they occur and forecast costs at completion will create new efficiencies and ensure project success. — The Turnaround Management Company, Houston, Tex.

Maximize Boiler Efficiency with this H 2 SO 4 Dewpoint Monitor

The Lancom 200 (photo) was developed specifically for oil- and coal-fired boiler systems that require periodic monitoring of the sulfuric acid dewpoint temperature to maintain boiler efficiency, prevent corrosion or to evaluate the effectiveness of fuel additives and changes in combustion conditions. The portable device assures boiler operators that the optimum operating temperature is maintained — just above the H 2 SO 4 dewpoint — where no sulfuric acid is being formed and combustion efficiency is maximized. Readings are obtained within minutes, and the unit can capture and store up to 10,000 readings. — Land Instruments, a unit of Ametek Process & Analytical Instruments, Pittsburgh, Pa.

August: New Products International

Monitor Machine Vibrations, Even in Hazardous Areas

As a result of gaining the highest standard for intrinsic safety ATEX (EEx ia), the established range of PZS accelerometers can now provide an even wider scope of applications. The PZS device has been used throughout industry for machine vibration monitoring of motors, pumps and power turbines in potentially explosive atmospheres. The recertification now permits use on an extended range of gas turbine sets. The PZS enables safe operation in the event of two component failures in a hydrogen atmosphere, and this performance has been extended to include operation up to 100°C with a maximum loaded capacitance rating of 47 nF for Class IIC environments in a 28.5-V circuit. Applications include installations where cable runs in excess of 400 m can be achieved. — Sensonics Ltd., Berkhamstead, U.K.

High Pressure is Not a Problem for this Metering Pump

The LPP-M (photo) is the latest addition to the LPP pump family, and is especially suitable for accurate metering. LPP-M pumps have an exact flow per revolution irrespective of the pipeline pressure, and have accurate metering throughout the entire flow range. They are ideal for pumping diverse slurries and metering a wide range of media. The LPP-M pumps are said to have the highest maximum working pressure on the market, and are equipped with a patented tube-failure-detection system, which is capable of detecting the presence of a large number of chemicals. Two types of tube material are available: Neoprene, for chemicals; and Tygothane, for oils and fats. — Larox Flowsys Oy, Lappeenranta, Finland

Compact Turbine Pumps for Long Life and Smooth Operation

The MTH range of regenerative turbine pumps is especially suitable for applications such as boiler feed, high-pressure cooling, refrigeration and clean-in-place (CIP) chemical feed. Available as direct drive, bareshaft, magnetic drive and canned-rotor pumps, the MTH range offers all the benefits of this type of pump, including low flow at high pressure, very low NPSH for high pressure or low vapor pressure, long life and a smooth, balanced performance, says the firm. The standard range of pumps includes models that cover capacities from 1 to 150 gal/min and pressures up to 1,000 psi. Construction materials include iron, bronze and 316 stainless steel. — Pump Engineering Ltd., Littlehampton, U.K.

Combine Thermal Oxidation with Evaporation and save Energy

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) have been commonly used for purification of exhaust streams. However, a separate unit has always been required to evaporate any remaining aqueous residues. The Ecopure EVA is a completely new evaporation-tower design that can combine both processes, and includes an autothermal mode that provides high energy efficiency. The height of the evaporation tower is selected to suit the evaporation path for individual contaminants. The tower includes a single central lance with an appropriate number of dual-material nozzle heads. Combining the disposal of waste gases and waste water in a single plant not only reduces the cost of investment; by virtually eliminating the use of primary energy sources, it also lowers operating costs, says the firm. — Dürr Systems GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Measure the Level of Plastics Granulate

The capacitive sensors for the BCC Sensor Series have been introduced especially for level measurement of plastic granulates. Capable of detecting even the smallest grain sizes, the BCC Series also offers a high level of EMC performance and are especially resistant to electrostatic discharge — a frequent problem that often causes sensor failure with plastic granulates in pipe systems and silos. The BCC sensors also eliminate interference caused by metal-flange mounting thanks to the lateral shielding and an integrated processor unit. In this way, the user can utilize the full switching distance, says the manufacturer. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Heat Treatment can Be Fast with this Tubular Furnace

This tube furnace (photo) provides fast cycle times under protective gas and vacuum, making it suitable for heat treatment of powders and for brazing and annealing processes. The insert tube with a gas-tight end cap is arranged on a sliding frame, enabling samples to be inserted or removed under a protective gas atmosphere into or out of the preheated furnace, which results in extremely short heating and cooling times. The furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 1,100°C. The Inconel heating tube has a 220-mm I.D. and is 1-m long. — Linn High Therm GmbH, Eschenfelden, Germany

Operating Wastewater-Treatment Plants with this IT Service

Aquatrend is a plant monitoring service that puts a water treatment expert on the customer’s team to help plant engineers to operate water-treatment facilities. First, the company’s specialists work with customer’s plant engineering team to perform a detailed audit of the water-treatment plant to identify a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be monitored, such as raw water quality and treated water quality. For each KPI, the team sets a normal target value, an early warning level and an action level. Depending on the level of service selected, regular review reports can be supplemented by regular Aquatrend review meetings. At the highest level of service, this firm will take over the complete management of the water-treatment plant. — Elga Process Water, Marlow, Bucks, U.K.

Reduce Polymer Residence Times with this Large-area Filter

With a screening area of 30 m2, this firm offers the largest Screen Changer for filtration of polymer melt. A combination of the proven bolt-type screen changer with "micronex" filter-candle elements is the basis for this innovation. A single person can exchange used filter candles within minutes. Contrary to existing large-area filtration, where throughput time of the polymer melt is several minutes, this new design enables material residence times of a few seconds. PET processes without the solid-state post condensation for producing PET granules in bottle grade viscosity can profit from this new design, says the manufacturer. — Maag Pump Systems Textron AG, Oberglatt, Switzerland

This Plastic Ball Valve is Now Even Bigger

This firm has expanded its line of thermoplastic ball valves to include larger pipe sizes. The true-union valves  are designed for 3 and 4 in. piping, and are available in PVC, CPVC, PVDF and polypropylene. Standard seals are EPDM or FKM (Viton) and PTFE seats. Piping connections are offered for socket or threaded installations. — Plast-O-Matic Valves, Cedar Grove, N.J.

Use this X-Ray Scanner to Ensure Product Quality

The XR-21 Series cabinet inspection system identifies contaminants, scans for missing or broken products and detects packaging voids, making it a useful tool to help guarantee product and packaging integrity. The system can be used for virtually any packaged items and continuous bulk-product flows that travel by conveyor. The XR-21 is capable of handling products up to 12-in. wide, and can inspect at variable speeds. USB and RJ-45 connectors are located on the outside for easy connectivity to USB devices and Ethernet. The XR-21 is available in multiple configurations to meet specific application requirements. — Eriez, Erie, Pa.

Maximize Boiler Efficiency with this Dewpoint Monitor

The Lancom 200 was developed specifically for oil- and coal-fired boiler systems that require periodic monitoring of the sulfuric acid dewpoint temperature to maintain boiler efficiency, prevent corrosion or to evaluate the effectiveness of fuel additives and changes in combustion conditions. The portable device assures boiler operators that the optimum operating temperature is maintained — just above the H2SO4 dewpoint — where no sulfuric acid is being formed and combustion efficiency is maximized. Readings are obtained within minutes, and the unit can capture and store up to 10,000 readings. — Land Instruments, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Use Standard PC Hardware to Control Field Devices

With the Softnet PN-IO Linux software controller, it is possible to control distributed field devices via Profinet with standard PC hardware, such as the Simatic Microbox PC. The computer functions as a PN I/O controller. Up to 64 I/O devices can be controlled at the same time and, for each device, 1,440 bytes are available in the input and output area. Additional communication hardware is not necessary. An inexpensive linkup to field units in industrial Ethernet networks is thus available to the user. Operation of the devices via wireless LAN is also possible. — Siemens Industry Solutions, Erlangen, Germany

Use One Sensor for Both High and Low Conductivities

The Rosemount Analytical Model 410VP four-electrode conductivity sensor is the latest addition to the PUR-Sense family of sensors for the life sciences and food and beverage industries. The wide dynamic range of the sensor (1 µS/cm to 1,400 mS/cm) makes it especially suitable for CIP monitoring. The 410VP is said to be the first single four-electrode sensor that does the complete CIP conductivity measurement; normally, two sensors are required, one to measure the high conductivity cleaning solution, and another to measure the low conductivity rinse water. The sensor is designed to meet 3A and EHEDG hygienic standards, and also incorporates a Pt1000 RTD for temperature compensation. — Emerson Process Management, Irvine, Calif.

More Welding Power from this Lightweight Supply Unit

This firm’s welding system M200 power supply offers ease of use, portability, and 200-A capability — all at a weight of less than 50 lb. A high-resolution, 12.1-in. color industrial touch screen gives users a simple, intuitive pathway to enter welding programs. Users can choose from one of three forms to enter weld programs, including automatic weld-schedule programming. The M300’s automatic shield-gas control simplifies setup of shielding gas, without having to use a separate flowmeter. — Swagelok Europe, Lachen, Switzerland

This System Takes Control of Level-measurement Data

Alongside its well level-measurement control sensors, this firm is now offering complete systems for fill level and trend display, data storage and remote fill level enquiries. The product range Nivotec provides all the necessary fill level data on the spot to the plant operator, either to his or her PC or to the control room. Continuous realtime information about the actual fill level, as well as the comprehensive and user-friendly visualization software facilitates easier material planning, sufficiently early recognition and elimination of bottlenecks. The Nivotec evaluates analog 4 – 20-mA, Modbus RTU continuous measurement technology and digital signals from full and empty detectors. — UWT GmbH, Betzigau, Germany

Ensure Security with this Management System

AC2000 Lite is the latest addition to this firm’s AC2000 product family. The feature-rich, affordable integrated security management system controls up to 128 doors and provides integrated access control, alarm processing, photo badging security management, as well as a number of high-security modules that are not normally available to the mid-range market. Available in two software-licensing configurations, a typical AC2000 Lite system consists of a controller and up to five operator workstations. It also supports most third-party readers, including biometric readers. — CEM Systems, Belfast, Northern Ireland

When Standard Interfaces Aren’t Available, Try SNAP

A new service, called SNAP (Special Needs And Products), provides customers with customized solutions to meet unusual signal interface needs in industrial process control, system integration and factory automation applications. The SNAP service aims to fill the hole when it comes to updating instruments, replacing instruments and supplying a signal interface when an off-the-shelf instrument is not available. Typical modifications include special instrument functions, such as non-standard signal I/Os, non-standard power ranges, computing and math functions, alarm-trip modifications and so on. SNAP engineers will also work with customers to develop special and OEM instrument housings and enclosures, custom mounts and connectors and special temperature sensors and thermowells. — Moore Industries-International, Inc., North Hills, Calif.

Sample Collection According to Good-Sampling Practice

The SST Sampling Collection consists of a portable case containing eight fundamental sampling devices, made in stainless steel and Teflon, to collect liquids, powders, creams, granulates and frozen products in a standardized way. The devices can be used for sampling from sacks, vessels, silos, containers, drums, cans and cylinders. Because the sampling methods are performed in accordance to Good Sampling Practice and Good Laboratory Practice, the product is especially suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology sectors. — International Pbi S.p.A., Milan, Italy

No Separator is Required when this Multiphase Pump is Used

Troika is a progressing cavity pump that makes it possible to transfer multiphase liquids straight from the well to a central separation station, thereby eliminating the need for onsite separation. The pump’s design overcomes the main obstacle to multiphase pumping — constantly changing gas-to-oil ratios and pressure levels. This benefit is enhanced when viscosity is also varying along the lifetime of the well. The Troika is suitable for a wide range of high-pressure, surface-transfer applications in the oil and gas industry, including offshore campaign reinjection, water injection and polymer flooding, recovery of condensates and as a commingling booster pump. — PCM, Paris, France

Apply Labels with this Complete Laser-Based System

Because of the high precision offered, laser-labeling systems are increasingly replacing traditional techniques, such as printing or stamping, according to this firm. The DPLSmart Marker has been recently introduced at a price affordable to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Everything required to operate the diode-pumped, solid-state laser is integrated into a single housing. The self-contained, easily integrated module can be operated by PC via a USB interface. Special software features, such as the ability to apply barcode or data-matrix code, a rotary module integrated into the workstation, and the ability to vary the size of the labeling fields, are available to complement the system. — ACI Laser GmbH, Nohra, Austria

Now you can Own your Own Pararallel FB Reactor

The Parallel Fixed-bed (FB) Reactor is a high-throughput system capable of screening and optimizing catalysts and processes. It can be used in a variety of traditional applications within the petrochemical and petroleum-refining sectors, as well as emerging areas, such as biofuels and biorenewable processes. The system can be delivered as a stand-alone Tool (with 16, 32 or 48 reactor channels), or as part of a Tools Integrated Workflow., both available from the company. The firm can also perform experiments for targeted catalysts and process optimization problems on behalf of customers. — Symyx Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

A Complete System to Make, Dose and Monitor ClO2

The Bello Zon CDVc chlorine dioxide system is used for the production, metering and monitoring of chlorine dioxide at rates from 20 to 2,000 g/h. Food-safe PVDF is used instead of traditional PVC, thereby contributing to higher operational reliability and improved purity of the ClO2 produced. The central control system manages the ClO2 production, and all water treatment parameters are registered and documented. Up to 14 measurement stations and 14 metering stations can be controlled simultaneously. The system can be used for applications in industrial process and cooling water, municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment, in the food and beverage industry, and for combating legionella. — ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

Which Feeder is Best for which Bulk Material

In order to provide customers with accurate answers to this question, this firm is now offering tests at its new TestCenter in Darmstadt, Germany. Tests in the four laboratories can be run in parallel. Three of the laboratories feature equipment for filling the feeders with bulk bags or pneumatic and complete-cycle feeding. The environment of the fourth laboratory can be heated to simulate different ambient conditions and hot climates. The center includes: dust separation, powder preparation, liquid cleaning of feeders and equipment, and body and eye wash units that satisfy the latest safety standards. — Schenck Process GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany