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New Products & Services

January 2009

January: New Products (North American edition)

Vacuum degassing chamber
connects directly to vacuum pump

This off-the-shelf, portable degassing chamber is ideal for removing entrapped air and water vapor from urethanes, epoxies, resins and other liquids. The MV Portable Degassing Chamber (photo) is constructed of stainless steel with a 1.5-in.-thick clear-acrylic top for viewing contents, includes a 0 – 30-in.-Hg gauge, and vent and isolation valves. It connects directly to a vacuum pump and has a VisiTrap vacuum pump inlet trap to protect the unit from harmful vapors. Available in 15- and 4-gal sizes, the MV Portable Degassing Chamber offers users a standard product for small batch processing and laboratory research applications. Options include shelves, trays, feed-thrus for stirring the contents, and a variety of different ports and fittings. — MV Products, No. Billerica, Mass.

MV Products

Simplify Fieldbus testing
with this product’s bus health test

Two models have been added to this firm’s range of Color ScopeMeter Test Tools (photo) with automated test capability for Fieldbus, ProfiBus and other industrial communication protocols. The new models, the ScopeMeter 225C (200 MHz, 2.5 GS/s) and 215C (100 MHz, 1 GS/s), are designed for maintenance specialists who keep automation and process-plant equipment operational. These systems often operate in harsh environments requiring special techniques and tools for maintenance and troubleshooting, including verification of electrical signal quality on industrial buses such as Fieldbus Foundation, CAN-bus (or DeviceNet), Profibus, RS-485, ModBus, ASI and more. The new instruments feature easy signal validation of all critical signal parameters and have floating and fully isolated inputs for true differential signal measurements on 2-wire differential bus systems. — Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash.


Cut costs when operating
with this vertical pump

The Goulds VRS vertical rubber-lined canteliver sump pump (photo) is said to set new standards for energy efficiency and other costs. The VRS liners, impellers and casing halves are all interchangeable with the firm’s SRL horizontal pumps, resulting in reduced parts inventory and maintenance costs. The VRS vertical pump also allows for liner replacement without requiring a change of the entire pump casing. The impellers are built with tighter tolerances than other vertical pumps, which improves the operating efficiency and saves up to 40% in energy costs, says the manufacturer. The VRS pumps are available in 2-, 3-, 5- and 6-in. dia. with 4 and 6-ft lengths. They can handle duties with up to 120 ft head, solids up to ¼ in., and 75 psi working pressure. — ITT Corp., White Plains, N.Y.


Achieve high flowrates
with these customizable pumps

This process pump is engineered to deliver the highest flowrate of any electrically operated diaphragm pump. These pumps offer oil-free operation without risk of medium contamination and can be equipped with a double diaphragm system for increased safety critical when handling valuable or dangerous gases. All Type N0150 process pumps (photo) can be customized to meet application requirements, including explosion-proof motors, corrosion-resistance, leak-tight capabilities, and a choice of pump materials. Depending on model, these pumps can achieve flowrates up to 300 L/min (10 SCFM), maximum vacuums up to 29.3 in. Hg, and maximum pressure up to 30 psig. They are designed to exhibit significantly low leak rates ranging from 6 x 10 –3 mbar l/s (standard models) to 6 x 10 –6 mbar l/s (double-diaphragm versions). — KNF Neuberger, Inc., Trenton, N.J.

KNF Neuberger

Use this ultrasonic level transmitter
in wastewater applications

The Optisound VU3X Series Continuous Ultrasonic Level transmitter (photo) provides a reliable, repeatable and highly accurate (0.15%) continuous level measurement of liquids. It is capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 30 ft. with a 2-wire 4 – 20 mA, HART output signal. The Optisound VU30 sensor is constructed of CPVC for use in environments that are classified hazardous (Class I, Div. 1) with Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof installation requirements, temperature range from –0°C to 70°C and process pressures up to 50 psig. The compact electronics comes standard with an integral display and keypad for local configuration, and precludes the need for hand-held communicators or PC software. Internal software features support over 80 standard flume and weir characterizations with totalization display in a resettable and a non-resettable format. — Krohne, Inc., Peabody, Mass.


Prevent spillage
at liquid transfer points

Kamvalok Dry Disconnect Couplings (photo) are used at liquid transfer points where product loss could occur, providing a reliable solution to prevent spillage during the connection or disconnection process. It features stainless-steel Autolok locking arms, and a stainless-steel locking handle that secures both the opened and closed positions to prevent accidental release or uncoupling. The Autolok locking arms provide added protection with an automatic locking mechanism signaled by a positive click; uncoupling requires only an easy tug on the lock release. The poppeted-seal cylinder design, equipped with an easily replaceable snap-on nose seal, offers dual protection and automatic closure from both the coupler and adaptor. The Kamvalok coupler is available in aluminum and stainless steel in sizes 1 ½, 2 and 3 in. — OPW Engineered Systems, Lebanon, Ohio

OPW Engineered Systems

Checkweighing and metal detection
in one unit

This firm has extended its Synus series of dynamic checkweighers with a new series of weighing products called CoSynus (photo), a combination of a metal detector and a checkweigher in one unit. With its modular design and wide range of accessories offered, from conveyor systems to diverse evaluation electronics as well as a choice of dimensions, CoSynus models can be seamlessly integrated into any production process. In addition, in a facility that already has a Synus, it can be changed in just a few simple steps into a CoSynus. The metal detector is operated utilizing Synus dynamic checkweigher electronics. A single interface can be used to configure the two functions quickly and easily, which saves time, especially when there is no floor space. — Satortius Mechatronics Corp., Edgewood, N.Y.

Satortius Mechatronics

These motor control centers
offer a variety of product solutions

This firm has released the Allen-Bradley OneGear product line (photo) providing a full range of motor control center and power control center options. The OneGear product line is the next generation of medium-voltage motor control specifically designed for use with full voltage and solid-state, reduced voltage applications, supporting operating voltages up to 15 kV and utilizing both vacuum-contactor and circuit-breaker switching technology. All OneGear products will be available with optional arc-resistant cabinets, which meet IEEE C37.20.7 and IEC Type 2 protection. The OneGear product line offers remote monitoring, diagnostic capability and in-depth motor protection for maximum motor utilization while avoiding damage and downtime. — Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis.

Rockwell Automation

This quick-connect wiring system
provides up to 18-amp of power

The M16 powerfast wiring system (photo) is designed for machine power distribution and motor control. The quick-connect system provides a time- and cost-saving replacement for traditional hardwiring installations and complies with NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Assn. Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery). These 2-, 3- and 4-pin connectors and tees provide up to 18 A in a compact form factor. All connectors deliver IEC IP 67 protection and are rated for 600 V and up to 18 A. Tees are available with simple connectors or with branches. The line offers male or female options, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions. To complete the system, fully encapsulated mating receptacles with nickel-plated brass housing and ½ – 14-in. NPT, 3/8 – 18-in. NPT, M18 and M20 mounting threads are available. — Turck Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.


These load cells monitor
static or dynamic forces

DLRx Load Cells (photo) are sensors designed to measure force in a range of harsh industrial environments. Featuring IP65/IP67 protection and stainless-steel housings, this new load cell line delivers extremely fast dynamic signal processing and accuracy to 0.3%. Designed to offer excellent transverse sensitivity by compensating for non-centrally applied forces, DLRx Load Cells offer highly accurate force absorption and precise, low-noise, dynamic signal processing during all measuring applications. These sensors can be used to measure both compression and tension/compression over the entire conventional force range of 0.5 – 100 kN. These compact load cells start at just 32-mm dia., making them ideal for installation in limited-space environments. They can be used in static or highly dynamic applications and are well suited for force measurement, weight measurement and force monitoring. — Baumer, Ltd., Southington, Conn.


Achieve filtration up to
4,100 gal/min with these housings

Designed for use in commercial and industrial filtration applications, Multi-Round Liquid Cartridge Housings (photo) offer an exceptional 11 to 205 cartridge capacity, and accept 20-, 30- or 40-in. filter cartridges, delivering 120 – 4,100 gal/min flowrates. These cartridge housings are pressure rated at 150 psi and accept double open-end cartridges or 222-style cartridges with closed top caps. They also provide several housing options, including a duplexing housing for continual flow during maintenance, as well as housings with higher pressure ratings and different connection sizes and types. Users can add ASME Code U stamp as an option. The housings feature carbon and stainless-steel construction options, paired with 316-stainless-steel center guide posts, cup-and-spring assemblies, as well as heavy-duty support legs. — Pentair Industrial, Sheboygan, Wis.

Pentair Industrial

A wireless product sends
complete maintenance information

This company, in collaboration with SKF, has introduced OneWireless Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM), which will wirelessly transmit complete spectral information — including vibration amplitude and operating parameter information — from the field to the plant room. OneWireless EHM is a compact, eight-channel monitoring device that collects acceleration, velocity, temperature and bearing condition data and delivers them to process operators and maintenance personnel to alert them of equipment problems. The device is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the manual inspections that many industrial facilities employ to monitor the health of rotating equipment, such as pumps, compressors and motors. — Honeywell Process Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona

A membrane that improves
salt rejection and flowrate

This firm announces two new FilmTec 8-in. saltwater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane elements for improved performance and energy efficiency in desalination applications. At 99.80%, the FilmTec SW30XHR-400i has the highest salt rejection consistently demonstrated in the industry, according to the firm. It features a guaranteed active area of 400 ft 2 and flowrate of 6,000 gal/d. FilmTec SW30ULE-400i elements have a flowrate of 11,000 gal/d with 99.70% salt rejection. Both FilmTec SW30XHR-400i and SW30ULE-400i are offered with iLEC interlocking caps that reduce pressure drop within the permeate tube and help eliminate the O-ring damage that can be a cause of major leakage in traditional desalination membrane systems. — Dow Water Solutions, Edina, Minn.

This actuator supports
torque up to 3,000 in.-lb

Valvcon ADC RS-485 addressable quarter-turn electric actuators offer the torque and reliability of the Valvcon ADC platform combined with sophisticated data communications and control capabilities. They are well suited for on/off duty and proportional applications in multi-actuator network installations where continuous duty and high starts per minute are a must. The ADC Series RS-485 offers high data transmission speeds (35 Mbits/s up to 10 m and 100 Kbits/s at 1,200 m) and the ability to query and command multiple units on a single network. They are available for torque requirements up to 3,000 in.-lb. Standard Valvcon ADC RS-485 capable actuator features include all hardened steel gears, standard ISO5211 mounting interfaces, stall protection, and a sleep/wake mode to preserve battery power. They are available in NEMA 4, 4X, 7, and 9 enclosures. — Metso Automation, Northborough, Mass.

Metso Automation


Loop-powered particulate matter
transmitter for dust collectors

This loop-powered particulate matter transmitter (photo) provides simple two-wire installation and interface with the company’s B-PAC baghouse optimization controllers or existing plant control systems. The transmitter exceeds the EPA MACT standard for baghouse and dust collector leak detection. Employing field-proven induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies, these particulate matter transmitters are said to offer increased reliability over traditional triboelectric and opacity products. The combination of induction sensing and a protected probe provide high reliability even in difficult applications such as fly ash from coal, carbon black, chemicals, smelters and spray dryers. General benefits include detecting emissions before they are visible, eliminating cleanup costs, preventing the escape of valuable powders and protecting downstream equipment. — FilterSense, Beverley, Mass.

This diamond coating
is durable and long lasting

A a new diamond coating for mechanical seals has been introduced that offers excellent protection against wear during dry running, in applications with mixed friction and under exposure to abrasive media. DiamondFaces, a specially developed crystalline diamond coating on the seal face, is extremely hard, exceptionally long wearing, and features outstanding heat conductivity, excellent chemical resistance and low friction, thus enabling considerable savings in terms of energy, says the manufacturer. Purchasers of this product say that the additional financial outlay pays for itself in a short period of time, since the diamond coated mechanical seals make for minimized wear and significantly longer service life. — EagleBurgmann Group, Houston, Tex.

Measure turbidity, suspended solids,
and sludge blanket level

The TSS Portable hand-held meter (photo) offers turbidity, suspended solids and sludge-blanket level measurement in one instrument. The TSS is ideal for remote monitoring of rivers and applications involving municipal and industrial wastewater, and drinking water. Additionally, this instrument can be used as an optimization tool or as an easy way to calibrate or validate on-line sensors. The TSS Portable uses a multi-beam alternating light method with an infrared (IR) diode system, allowing a broad measuring range for both turbidity and suspended solids. It stores up to four different calibration curves for suspended solids and one for turbidity. The meter’s internal memory stores up to 290 measuring values, including time, date, measurement, location, and homogeneity. — Hach Co., Loveland, Colo.


This fiber-optic transmission probe
eliminates fouling

The FPT-855 Near-IR Transmission Probe features an integral heating jacket that virtually eliminates the occurrence of fouling due to condensation of product on the probe surfaces. FPT-850 near-IR, visible and ultraviolet transmission probes were developed to provide long-term reliability under the extreme conditions of high temperature, thermal shock, and aggressive chemistries. One key design element is a proprietary sealing technique involving a direct sapphire-to-nickel-alloy welded pressure seal, which eliminates fatigue and stress failures common with brazed seals, as well as the limited lifetime characteristic of elastomeric seals. Another key element is the elimination of optical fibers within the probe, providing for reliable, long-term operation at temperatures as high as to 400ºC. — Axiom Analytical Inc., Tustin, Calif.

January: New Products (International)
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This paddle design simplifies
installation and removal

A new option for the BMRX and Maxima+ rotary level indicators is a collapsible paddle. This paddle design simplifies installation and removal of the rotary by allowing the stainless-steel paddle to be collapsed to fit through a standard 1-1/4-in. opening common to powder and bulk agricultural and industrial storage bins. The paddle is available on new level indicators and can be retrofit onto existing devices. The paddle is offered as either a one- or two-paddle design. The two-paddle design (photo) is said to be best suited for light- to medium-weight materials, such as feeds, seeds and grains, or where more surface area is needed to apply resistance to the paddle and activate alerts. — Garner Industries, Lincoln, Neb.

This little data logger
stores a lot of measurements

The MSR145 Analog (photo) is said to be the world’s first Mini-datalogger with four integrated sensors. The tiny (52-mm long; 32-g weight) device can store up to 2-million measured values from up to four analog inputs (0 – 3 V, 12 bit). Integrated sensors measure temperature, moisture, pressure and acceleration along three axes, while the analog inputs can be used for monitoring conventional sensors, such as pH, flowrate and conductivity. — CiK Solutions GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

HART communication is now possible
with this gas monitor

The Ultima XE gas monitors with display (photo) are now available with HART field communications protocol. HART provides two-way digital communication between intelligent field instruments and host systems. Increased sensor data as well as convenient setup, calibration and diagnostics can be offered for better management of plant assets. Ultima XE gas monitors with HART protocol offer an affordable choice in continuous gas detection and monitoring, while retaining key features and sensors of the Ultima X Series. — MSA in Europe, Berlin, Germany

Size-up protein molecules
without sacrificing samples

The new Zetasizer µV (photo) is an advanced light-scattering system for the characterization of proteins, other biomolecules and nanoparticles. The system is designed and optimized for maximum sensitivity and minimum sample volumes; just 2 µL of sample are required, allowing measurement of as little as 40 picograms of bovine serum albumin, for example. Sample is recoverable, ensuring no loss of valuable material, says the firm. Both dynamic- and static-light scattering are used for measuring diffusion speeds, particle size and particle-size distributions, absolute molecular weight and second viral coefficient — a parameter used to assess protein solubility and suitable conditions for crystallization. — Malvern Instruments Ltd., Malvern, U.K.

Temperature monitoring
for trace-heating applications

The new digital temperature controller DPC III (photo) is optimally matched to trace-heating applications. It monitors measuring circuits on breaks, interruptions and short circuits of the sensor as well as on under- and over-range in order to guarantee process safety. The DPC III is integrated in a lock-in casing for TS 35 hat-profile rail. At the measuring input, a Pt 100 resistance thermometer and thermal elements can be connected. The controller is equipped with a load relay (16 A), for the two-position control; an alarm relay (8 A); a logical voltage output for the PID control; and two digital inputs. The device can be used as an on/off (two-position controller) or as a PID controller. — Bartec GmbH, Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Distributed I/Os that
communicate wirelessly

Simatic ET 200pro IWLAN (photo) is the first distributed I/O system from this firm that communicates via Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN). For this purpose, the new 154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module was developed for the Simatic ET 200pro system. The interface module wirelessly integrates the distributed I/O system into the automation network, and is designed for harsh industrial environments with a high degree of protection (IP65/66/67). Typical applications include overhead monorail conveyors, automatic guided vehicles and warehouse logistics. The interface module works according to the WLAN standards IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h, and therefore operates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. — Siemens Industry Automation Division, Nuremberg, Germany

Crevice-free valves
for critical aseptic control

Eliminating areas that might increase the potential for bacterial growth, such as traps and crevices, is important in the design requirement for control valves used in aseptic applications. This firm offers a range of valves (photo) that incorporate these features. The Type 3347 control valve, for example, has polished steel parts to ensure the highest purity for the process medium, special PTFE bushing and an additional steam line construction that prevents bacteria from spreading at the actuator stem guide. The Type 3249 is equipped with an EPDM diaphragm and a backup safety packing box. Finally, the Type 3345 cavity-free valve body features a diaphragm made of either rubber, nitrile, butyl or PTFE, which acts both as a seal and a valve plug. — Samson Controls Ltd., Redhill, U.K.

Measure the flow
without contacting the fluid

The VUS is a solid-state flow sensor incorporated into the SoniQ ultrasonic flow sensor (photo). The medium simply flows through a straight stainless-steel tube, and ultrasonic transducers positioned on the outer surface of the pipe measure the fluid flowrate. The fluid does not make contact with the transducers, and the device has no moving parts, making it suitable for applications where paddle wheel sensors cannot be used. Three output signals are provided: frequency, analog (4 – 20 mA) and alarm. The device covers the flow range from 1.5 to 30 L/min, and is suitable for water and non-conductive aqueous solutions. — SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG, Kaufungen, Germany

The advantages of tantalum more
affordable in a Coriolis flowmeter

A new tantalum version of the Optimass 7300 Coriolis mass flowmeter (photo) has recently been introduced for applications involving highly aggressive and corrosive fluids. Generally, the wall thicknesses of Coriolis measuring tubes are significantly less than those of the process piping, which tolerate a higher rate of corrosion before failing. Although tantalum has been used in the past by other firms, the twin, bent-tube designs made these devices very expensive. With the advent of the straight-tube design, the costs are more reasonable, because only the measuring tube and the raised face of the process flange need to be made of tantalum. This firm uses an alloy called Tantalum Ta10W, which consists of 10% tungsten and 90% tantalum. — Krohne Ltd., Wellingborough, U.K.

Perform X-ray analysis
in the field with one hand

The new xSORT hand-held, energy-dispersive XRF (photo) offers precise laboratory-like analysis in engineering, PMI or scrap-sorting applications by non-laboratory-trained staff. A special silicon drift detector (SDD) with up to ten times the counting speed of conventional systems not only gives faster analysis and better detection limits for 41 elements from magnesium to thorium, but also allows measurement of light elements such as aluminum, silicon and phosphorous without complicated helium purging or vacuum techniques. Typically, the full range of elements can be measured in a single run of 2 s, or up to 10 s if light elements are included. — Spectro Analytical UK Ltd., Halesowen, U.K.