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February 2012

Hear and see this alert device

The YL60 unit is an alert device that has both audible and visual signals built into a uniquely designed single enclosure. It combines a sounder with a maximum output of 120 dB (at 1 m) with a flashing beacon light that is available in a variety of Joule outputs, voltage options and lens colors. The patented acoustic hood of the YL60 ensures omnidirectional sound emission. The product is suitable for a range of applications, including chemical processing and materials handling. — R. Stahl Inc., Houston

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Handle variable temperatures with these pH electrodes

Precision pHASE pH electrodes are specially designed for variable-temperature operation, and are capable of providing fast, accurate pH measurements even with large temperature shifts. The electrodes are ideal for quality control and R&D in applications such as paints, heavy metals, food, beverage and dairy and measurement of biological samples and proteins, the company says. The pHASE pH electrodes are available in two designs — a sealed design for cost-effective and user-friendly use, and a refillable design for dirty samples, or other samples that cause junction fouling. The electrodes are offered with glass and epoxy bodies, and are supplied with removable guards to protect the bulb from breakage. — Sensorex, Garden Grove, Calif.

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Glassware is now incorporated into these evaporators

Borosilicate glass components are now available for this company’s 20 L rotary evaporators. The industrial-sized components include evaporating flasks, receiving flasks, vapor-tubes and large condensers. The large-scale glass components extend the company’s line of bench-scale and process-scale glassware equipment and reactors. — Ace Glass Inc., Vineland, N.J.

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Save money on installing this insulation

Foamglas One — an insulation product for pipes and vessels — is now available in a size (18 × 36 in.) that is 50% larger than its previous products. Available in thicknesses up to 7 in., the larger-sized Foamglas One is designed to save companies money in installation without sacrificing thermal or physical properties. The company estimates total installed cost savings can be 20% or more over alternative insulations. Foamglas One is an all-glass, closed-cell material that eliminates the possibility of moisture without requiring a protective jacket. The product also has high compressive strength, and is resistant to acids and microbial growth. — Pittsburgh Corning Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.

These LED string lights can be used in hazardous areas

Aluminum-bodied Magnalight LED string lights are explosion-proof and are compliant with Class 1, Div. 1 and 2 hazardous areas. The light’s design is similar to traditional fluorescent string lights, but the product incorporates high-intensity LEDs in place of fluorescent tubes to generate a high level of light with low power consumption. The durable and cool-running string-light set is suitable for confined spaces, and areas where flammable vapors, gases and chemicals are routinely present. The lights are capable of higher efficiency than glass-bulb or wire-filament lamps and are much more durable. — Larson Electronics LLC, Kemp, Tex.

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This bagger opens, fills and seals pre-made bags

The Swifty Bagger is designed to handle a broad range of pre-made bags, including pillow, standup, carry handle center/corner capping, with or without zipper enclosures. Using pre-made bags, the Swifty Bagger automatically grabs, opens, fills and seals bags. The system is suitable for many product applications, including grains, powders and liquids. It runs at speeds up to 40 cycles per minute. — WeighPack Systems, Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.
This emergency valve has SIL-3 certification

The Becker Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD) has received third-party certification for compliance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 61508 for functional safety. The designation signifies the ability of the valve to reduce overall process risk. The valve received certification for safety integrity level (SIL) 3. The SIL-3 certification applies to the entire ESD valve system, including the valve, actuator and instrumentation, rather than to individual components of the system. — GE Oil & Gas, Houston

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This moisture analyzer has a large display

The large liquid-crystal display (LCD) of the MLB 50-3N moisture analyzer shows moisture analysis progress at a glance. The instrument can read out in grams or in moisture percent, and can be connected to an optional companion printer. The MLB 50-3N moisture balance supports record-keeping that is consistent with ISO standards and good laboratory practices (GLP). In addition to moisture content, the instrument can record temperature, active drying process, previous-sample drying time, and can be operated in switch-off mode by time or constant weight. With a 400-W halogen heater, the MLB 50-3N has a temperature range of 50 to 160ËšC and a weighing capacity of 50 g. Operators can select one of four heating profiles depending on the properties of the materials being tested. — Tovatech LLC, South Orange, N.J.

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