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New Products & Services

December 2013

Administer solid water-treatment chemicals with these feeders

The Model CLR-25 and CLR-50 bromine feeders are designed to efficiently feed solid water-treatment chemicals into closed-loop systems in cooling towers. With the versatility to handle bromine in many formats including ball, stick and tablet, the CLR-25 has a total capacity of 25 lb and the CLR-50 has a capacity of 50 lb. Both models feature a clear polyvinyl chloride body so the bromine supply can be viewed without opening the cap. The feeders have a maximum pressure of 8.6 bars and a maximum temperature of 38ºC, and come equipped with a standard pressure-relief valve. — Neptune Chemical Pump Co., North Wales, Pa.

An industrial refrigerator with built-in spill protection

The Husky Cold Box is an industrial refrigerator designed for use with 55-gal drums. With a capacity of up to 32 drums, the Husky Cold Box is forklift-portable, features built-in spill containment and 3-in. thick insulation, which minimizes power consumption when compared to a large walk-in cooler. The refrigerator’s exterior is finished with acrylic enamel, while the interior is finished with silver. Stainless-steel finish is also available. The small footprint makes this refrigerator well-suited for plants with limited floor space. The Husky Cold Box comes fully assembled for quick deployment. — Benko Products, Sheffield Village, Ohio

A touchscreen video recorder with options for data monitoring

The RVG200 is a videographic data recorder with touchscreen technology. Providing easy access to process data for onsite operators, the RVG200 also enables secure remote data access from tablets, smartphones or personal computers, for a true realtime overview of monitored processes. Integrated into the plant network through an Ethernet connection, the recorder can notify operators of process alarms or critical events, via email to their mobile device or computer. Data can be viewed in a variety of formats, including charts, bar graphs or digital indicator displays. — ABB Group, Zurich, Switzerland

A universal lifting system for material of any geometry

This company’s new universal lifting system can lift and manipulate materials that have vastly different geometries with a single vacuum lifter. With a capacity of over 1,000 lb, the lifter’s vacuum-maintenance design can handle cylindrical products such as pipe, flat items like boards or panels, as well as varied geometries such as turbine blades or pallets. With the ability to handle virtually any shape or geometry, this vacuum lifter is appropriate for custom manufacturers and applications that ship or receive a wide range of products. — Cynergy Ergonomics Inc., St. Louis, Mo.

ChemShow 2013 Show Preview

The 2013 Chem Show ( will take place in New York on December 10–12 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This biennial event will showcase process equipment and technology from across the chemicals processing industries (CPI), with over 300 exhibitors expected to participate with hands-on demonstrations, seminars and new product releases. The following is a preview of some of the products and services that will be exhibited at this year’s event.

Pfeiffer Vacuum


These pumps are self-cooled via a recirculation process

OktaLine G Series gas-cooled pumps are suitable for harsh environments or where process gas has a narrow temperature limit. The pumps’ self-cooling mechanism involves recirculation of a small amount of pumped process gas that is sent through a heat exchanger and injected back into the high-compression area inside the pump. This self-cooling process helps to extend bearing and seal lifetimes and decrease system complexity, since there are fewer pump stages. These pumps can also achieve large pressure differentials and can route exhaust directly to atmospheric pressure. Booth 551 — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany

Fluid Metering

A ‘no valve’ solution for precise metering and dispensing

The PDS-100 is a valveless, programmable dispensing system, available in single- and dual-channel configurations. Ideal for accurate metering, dispensing and sampling, the system can handle liquids, slurries and gases for both laboratory and industrial applications. A chemically inert, ceramic piston is the only moving part that contacts the process fluid. Pump heads are integrally mounted to the control unit, with motors, drivers and electronics housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure. The system’s menu-driven programming uses front-panel membrane switches on an LCD display. Booth 723 — Fluid Metering, Inc., Syosset, N.Y.


These flexible filter cartridges can be treated for many applications

Porvair Filtration Group

This company’s robust new cartridges for its stainless-steel purification filters are available in all standard cartridge lengths, micron ratings and 316L stainless-steel end fittings. For further customization, other alloys and dimensional modifications are available upon request. With optional patented surface-modification treatments, the cartridges can be specially prepared for applications where additional pH or temperature protection is required. Booth 655 — Porvair Filtration Group, Hampshire, U.K.

This continuous-flow reactor is fully scalable

The Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a continuous-flow alternative to batch processing. This fully scalable unit develops chemistry at low throughput, and provides plug flow, while eliminating back-mixing and side reactions. Mechanically stirred with a patented stirring technology, the ACR can handle slurries, immiscible fluids and gas-liquid mixtures for a wide range of reaction times. The ACR is appropriate for scaleup applications in industries such as food, biofuels, specialty chemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals, due to its ability to produce high yield and purity with less waste. Booth 236 — AM Technology, Cheshire, U.K.

GIG Karasek

Improve evaporator performance with this rotor system

The new Powerfilm Rotor system can improve performance and product quality for many industrial evaporators, including wiped-film, short-path and thin-film, as well as vacuum-molecular distillation processes. Using a proprietary technology that optimally adjusts performance depending on a product’s characteristics, this system increases process capacity and eliminates nearly all impurities, thus cutting operating costs. Booth 731 — GIG Karasek, Gloggnitz-Stuppach, Austria

Houston Polytank



Highly customizable tanks give versatility

This company’s polypropylene and polyethylene molded tanks can be produced to customer specifications, giving customers the ability to design and build a tank with the proper wall thickness for their application. Design considerations include corrosion properties, specific gravity and temperature requirements of the stored material. Built-in insulation and secondary-containment options are also available. Tank sizes can vary from 50 to 50,000 gal, with bottom configurations including flat, internal-slope or cone. NSF 61 certified, these tanks’ versatility makes them appropriate for use in many industries, including chemical processing, agriculture, food products, electricity generation, medical, mining and water and wastewater applications. Booth 744 — Houston Polytank, LLC, Hopkins, Mo.

Mary Page Bailey


Mechanical seals that are diamond-coated for reslience

These mechanical seals feature diamond-coated faces, which produce an extremely resilient surface with desirable friction and wear characteristics. Beneficial in services requiring protection from slurry, dry-running conditions or chemical corrosion, the coated seals offer improved reliability in poor-lubricity liquids, such as hot water. These seals are also suited for very aggressive liquid service, such as with acids, caustics and alkaline materials. The diamond-coated faces allow operation against all common mating-face materials including, carbon, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide, as well as providing resistance to abrasive particle damage. — Flowserve Corp., Irving, Tex.

A robust vibration analyzer with ergonomics in mind

The CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer is a portable tool for analyzing machinery vibration to detect potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime. This analyzer’s compatibility with the asset-management software, AMS Suite’s Machinery Manager Version 5.6 allows users to perform more advanced analysis. Four-channel data collection leads to faster route completion and additional diagnostic tools, like dual-orbit plots on couplings. Users may wirelessly upload data to the software. A lithium-ion battery ensures battery life that will cover an entire shift from a single charge. The analyzer is ergonomically designed to be thin and light, intended for one-handed operation, with a shoulder strap for additional comfort. A glove-friendly touchscreen features an auto light sensor that optimizes the screen’s backlight. — Emerson Process Management, St. Louis, Mo.

This heat-transfer-oil system stops leaks for less downtime

The HTF NPS Series is a new heat-transfer-oil system capable of operating at temperatures up to 204ºC. The HTF NPS series provides accurate temperature control for situations that require negative pressure to stop a leak, as well as positive pressure when no leak is present. The system’s three-way flow-control valve can rapidly switch from positive pressure to negative pressure. The system’s leak-stoppage capabilities delay repair requirements, allowing continuous production through the end of a run. System components include a fluid-supply reservoir, a microprocessor-based controller and a vertical stainless-steel pump. — Mokon, Buffalo, N.Y.

Evaluate scale inhibitors with this automated system

The Model 5400 Dynamic Scale Deposition Loop is a fully automated system that measures and evaluates the performance of scale inhibitors under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. This system pumps heated samples at controlled rates through a tubing test section, while continuously measuring the differential — an increase in differential pressure indicates scale formation. System features include a forced-air convection oven, a removable sample-tube assembly, two setpoint back-pressure regulators, and an external pH electrode. Two high-performance liquid chromatography pumps are used to transport the fluids through the tubing. The system also includes proprietary software that collects, calculates and stores acquired data. — Chandler Engineering, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Use these self-priming pumps in water service

This company’s H Series of high-head self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed for a variety of water-related applications. Unlike standard end-suction centrifugal pumps, the H Series maintains its prime even if check valves or foot valves fail. The suction line’s location on the pump keeps the impeller and mechanical seal covered with water at all times, protecting the seal from dry-run, and eliminating the need for re-priming. The H Series pumps are available in models ranging from 3 to 20 hp. — Griswold Pump Company, Grand Terrace, Calif.