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November 2014

These washers evenly distribute bolt tension, reducing relaxation  

These all-spherical, two-piece washers optimize bolt mounting for machinery and bolted equipment. They automatically adjust under compression to compensate for up to 4 deg. of angular deviation, creating an exact parallel plane between the inner faces of the bolt head and the nut to distribute the load evenly over the entire inner contact-surface areas. Any need for onsite machining to achieve parallelism is eliminated. These washers ultimately reduce the likelihood of bolt relaxation by distributing bolt tension evenly, retaining proper bolt tension by preventing bolt bending and keeping bolts straight as intended. The extended length of the spherical washer allows for the use of longer bolts, resulting in additional bolt clamping length and elongation in the bolt. The washers also incorporate a larger concave ring that connects to its corresponding smaller convex piece to achieve an enlarged contact area with a reduced surface-contact pressure. Manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, all washers feature a special surface treatment to enhance corrosion protection in humid, salty and other corrosive or harsh environmental conditions. — SKF USA, Inc., Lansdale, Pa.








A dual-shaft mixer that ensures thorough turnover  
Charles Ross & Son
The CDA-100 dual-shaft mixer is a 100-gal model that enables efficient powder dispersion and batch temperature control in the manufacture of both high- and low-viscosity formulations. The CDA-100 is equipped with an air-oil hydraulic lift for raising or lowering the agitators. Two independently-driven agitators, a high-speed disperser and a two-wing anchor deliver a wide range of shear levels and flow patterns that can adapt to the varying rheologies of solutions, pastes, gels, suspensions and slurries all throughout the mixing cycle. The sawtooth disperser blade draws solids into a vortex and disintegrates dry agglomerates as the low-speed anchor continuously stirs the batch. This combination of mixing actions ensures a very thorough turnover.Fresh product is constantly coming into contact with the disperser and materials around the periphery are continuously being scraped off the vessel surfaces. — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.
Improved flange options among the updates to this pump series  

The upgraded LGL Series “C” of sliding vane pumps offers square four-bolt flanges in addition to ANSI-style flanges. The four-bolt flange design allows for the use of multiple sizes and types of flanges, including 1.25, 1.5 and 2 in., in both NPT and weld flanges. Another improvement to the series is a repositioned relief valve, which creates adequate space for inlet and discharge pressure gages to be installed without using extensions. The upgraded line also includes a new motor or adapter bracket for easier bolting into an existing footprint. The LGL150 Series of pumps features suction lift capabilities up to 13 ft, replaceable cavitation-suppression liners and ductile-iron construction. — Blackmer, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Achieve efficient drying and filtration in pilot-plant operations  

This company’s simple filter dryer  is intended for use in pilot-plant applications that require efficient filtration and drying. The equipment features a heated insulated jacket, a heated plate with filtration-media support (for enhanced draining capability) and a side discharge plug. The finished product can be totally and safely recovered using the GloveBag accessory that is mounted on the discharge plug. The optional agitation and various filtration media make the simple filter dryer a truly polyvalent piece of process equipment for manufacturers. The equipment is available in two sizes: 0.125-m2 filtration area on a swing-out base for a total vessel volume of 50 L; and 0.3-m2 removable filter-plate area, for a total volume of 130 L. Different construction materials are offered to suit any pilot-plant requirements: perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) resin-coated carbon steel, 316L stainless steel and C22 alloy. — Powder Systems Ltd. (PSL), Liverpool, U.K.

Use these single-float level transmitters in very small tanks  

Gems Sensors
The XM/XT Series of single-float transmitters is expressly designed to provide continuous fluid-level monitoring within smaller, more compact tank environments, specifically those with tank depths of less than 20 in. (50.8 cm). The XM/XT 300 Series of fluid-level transmitters is constructed from all-wetted polysulfone plastic parts, ensuring their direct compatibility with a variety of chemicals. The counterpart XM/XT-700 Series combines the extended durability of stainless steel or brass within a lightweight package. Both models are designed to serve as effective drop-in replacements using existing tank fittings. They feature 3.5-mm resolution; an indicating length to 35.5 cm; and a stem length to 50.8 cm. XM/XT Series units are also available with a broad choice of mountings and float materials to suit individual requirements. — Gems Sensors & Controls, Plainville, Conn.

This energy-efficient conveyor can be configured many ways  

The Tubular Drag Conveyor gently moves abrasive, blended or friable materials, including high-moisture-content ingredients and easy-to-compact materials without compromising quality. A versatile design allows for numerous configurations, with conveying occurring on multiple planes in any direction from numerous inlets and outlets. This flexibility allows for conveying beneath floors, through walls and ceilings and around doors or other obstacles. The conveyor is totally enclosed to decrease plant exposure. — Hapman, Kalamazoo, Mich.

This weld scanner can be operated manually or motorized  

The Weld Crawler is a weld-inspection tool, combining software and hardware into a modular design. It can be operated manually or motorized, and is easily converted from a circumferential to an axial scanner. All versions feature a clearance of 2.25 in. and can be used in the inspection of thin welded plate and pipes. The addition of an optional frame allows the inspection of greater wall thicknesses of up to 6 in. The Weld Crawler’s four probes have their own individually adjustable suspension so that each probe is correctly matched to follow the specimen geometry. The scanner is supported by four magnetic wheels, which are easy to clean and can be quickly disengaged by means of an integral lift-off lever. Each wheel has its own braking system, so that any wheel can be locked in position, no matter what the scanner orientation. An additional four wheels can be added to double the magnetic adhesion, if required. — Zetec Inc., Snoqualmie, Wash.

This vibration sensor connects to smartphones, tablets and PCs  

The USB ICPDigital Dynamic Accelerometer (Model 333D01) is an integrated and ruggedized high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric vibration sensor with integrated data acquisition. The device works directly with smartphones, tablets and personal computers (PCs), making accurate vibration measurement extremely accessible. Users can select from a growing number of third-party vibration-analysis packages on all popular platforms or write their own applications in any programming environment that can access the audio input driver, such as MathWorks Matlab or National Instruments LabVIEW. By pairing the 333D01 with a smartphone, a user no longer needs separate and cumbersome signal conditioners or dedicated digital data acquisition. The 333D01 packages both the piezoelectric sensing element and internal electronics within a laser-welded, ground-isolated, stainless-steel casing. This provides durability, portability and reliability for the entire measurement channel in both factory and laboratory environments. — Digiducer Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

A testing instrument designed specifically for load cells  

Load Cell Central
The SST1 is expressly designed for testing and troubleshooting load cells, providing results that help determine if the cell has experienced overload or shock, or if there is water damage or metal fatigue. Featuring realtime readings in percentage of full scale, the SST1 allows users to perform tests without removing the load cell from its installation. This accurate tester will check resistance within ±0.5%. The SST1 is housed in a durable, compact, portable enclosure. Capable of bridge testing, resistance testing, fullscale output and zero-balance testing, the menu navigation of the SST1 is extremely user friendly. The SST1 can support four or six wire load cells. — Load Cell Central, Milan, Pa.


A multipurpose lubricant for extreme high-temperature use  

Developed for high-temperature applications (up to 250°C) and applications exposed to aggressive media, this company’s GR AR 555 is a white, homogeneous longterm lubricant. Based on a perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), GR AR 555 is inert and neutral toward most elastomers and plastics. Common applications include pillow blocks or bearings, seals, rotary joints and ball-bearing chains, as well as circulating fan bearings in various machinery functions. — Klüber Lubrication North America L.P., Londonderry, N.H.