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New Products & Services

November 2019

These new drives feature enhanced safety functionality

Siemens Digital Industries

The new Sinamics G120X drive (photo) is designed for use with pumps, fans and compressors in many industrial sectors, such as water, wastewater, HVAC, irrigation, agriculture and more. Sinamics G120X has a power range of 1 to 700 hp (0.75–630 kW) and can operate in a temperature range from –4 to 140°F with any standard motor, including synchronous reluctance motors (SRM). Sinamics G120X meets all the latest and upcoming UL, NEMA and EN/IEC standards and offers up to 100 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR), ensuring enhanced product safety and energy efficiency, says the manufacturer. The compact design of the G120X saves space in the control cabinet, and it has hardware-based built-in safety functions that are certified to SIL 3. — Siemens Digital Industries, Nuremberg, Germany


This technology cleans drains without scrubbing or rinsing

Madison Chemical

Oxywave (photo) is a two-part drain cleaning program that cleans drains without scrubbing to remove biofilm and sanitize drains, floors and walls. Utilizing peracetic acid and Perafoam, Oxywave attacks and eliminates biofilms and destroys microorganisms. This foaming, sanitizing solution provides full contact along pipe walls for maximum sanitation. It will not damage concrete or stainless steel in diluted form. Oxywave is tolerant of water hardness, can be used in hot or cold water, and is less affected by organic soil load than either chlorine or quaternary sanitizers. In addition to open and closed drains, such as those found in food, beverage, dairy or pharmaceutical facilities, Oxywave is suitable for doorway foaming systems to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, it is suitable for use on previously cleaned, hard, non-porous food-contact surfaces in food and beverage processing plants. It may also be used for hard, non-porous surface disinfection in industrial facilities. — Madison Chemical, Madison, Ind.


New analyzers measure binary gas sorption

Hiden Isochema

The IGA-003-MC (photo) is a turnkey system for binary gas sorption that features a gravimetric analyzer, coupled mass spectrometer and an optimized gas-delivery and sampling system. Measuring multicomponent gas sorption equilibria is essential to characterize and assess adsorbents for many applications, such as nitrogen and oxygen production from air, natural gas upgrading and hydrogen purification. According to the manufacturer, IGA-003-MC analyzers provide faster measurements than traditional multicomponent sorption methods while requiring a much smaller sample size — usually just a few grams of material. The IGA-003-MC uses the recently developed Integral Mass Balance (IMB) sorption-analysis technique, which is unique to the IGA-003-MC product line. In the IMB method, a controlled gas mixture flows over a sample suspended from the IGA microbalance, and the gas composition at the outlet is determined using a mass spectrometer. Inlet flowrates and outlet gas composition are then combined with in-situ gravimetric data to calculate the partial uptake of each gas, as well as the total mass uptake, as a function of gas composition. — Hiden Isochema Ltd., Warrington, U.K.

New control capabilities for single- or dual-pump processes

Grundfos Pumps

This company has released two new level-control panels — the LC 231 (photo) and LC 241. These controllers make setup and integration of one or two pump controls easier, with predefined settings and an intuitive dashboard on a Bluetooth-connected application (app). The company has also launched the new GCM condition-monitoring platform, which uses artificial intelligence to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency in wastewater-treatment applications. The GCM platform provides actionable in-house diagnostics for rotating equipment to reduce downtime. — Grundfos Pumps Corp., Brookshire, Tex.


Turbo blowers added to this company's product portfolio

Kaeser Compressors

This company has added PillAerator turbo blowers (photo) to its line of rotary-lobe and rotary-screw blowers. This action significantly expands offerings for the water and wastewater market and other large-flow, low-pressure applications, including bioreactors and fluegas desulfurization. Available with flowrates from 4,700 up to 10,000 ft 3 /min, PillAerator blowers feature gas-tight, permanent magnet motors with active magnetic bearings, integrated frequency converters and closed-loop water cooling. Units are compact and quiet, and advanced controls offer full interoperability with SCADA systems. — Kaeser Compressors, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.

This dryer features a unique refrigeration technology


The Subfreezing Dryer (photo) provides a –4ºF pressure dewpoint at 70% lower energy costs and 40% smaller footprint than that of traditional desiccant dryers, says the manufacturer. The Subfreezing Dryer is compatible with oil-flooded rotary compressors, oil-free rotary compressors, centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors. This new dryer technology provides very dry air without wasting energy or purging compressed air. Furthermore, maintenance costs are reduced when compared to traditional regenerative desiccant dryers and drum dryers. The Subfreezing Dryer requires no costly periodic desiccant replacement, and with no desiccant required, downstream particulate filtering is not needed. — Ingersoll-Rand plc, Dublin, Ireland


A desktop SEM for additive manufacturing verification

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Phenom ParticleX (photo) is a desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) that is designed to provide additive manufacturing (3D printing) companies faster quality-control analyses of materials used in development and production. The Phenom ParticleX includes a broad range of automated SEM analyses to identify faults in materials or gage the impact that development and production changes have on a final product. By keeping quality control in-house, Phenom ParticleX users can analyze materials up to ten times faster than outsourcing, says the manufacturer. The high-resolution imaging and chemical analysis capabilities in the Phenom ParticleX deliver more detailed failure analyses than is possible using optical microscopes. Additive manufacturers can characterize size distribution, particle homogeneity and foreign contaminants to evaluate the purity of metal particles at the microscale. Industrial manufacturers can use it to confirm whether components fulfill technical cleanliness specifications. It also provides detailed feedback on the cleanliness or purity of a final product without the manufacturer having to share this confidential and valuable data with third parties. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham, Mass.


New monitoring edge device accelerates asset digitalization


The AMS Asset Monitor edge analytics device (photo) digitizes data and analytics, with focus on essential assets that were previously monitored only with infrequent assessments. The new device connects with the Plantweb Optics asset-performance platform to provide instant asset-health details. Plants typically monitor the condition of essential assets such as pumps, fans and heat exchangers only every 30 to 60 days, but shortening this gap is essential to avoiding unexpected downtime. The new AMS Asset Monitor combines embedded logic-based analytics and intuitive health scoring to make it easier to monitor and maintain essential assets. The platform can help plan maintenance during scheduled shutdowns and turnarounds and reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. Unlike typical analytics devices that send data to a historian or to the cloud to be processed later, AMS Asset Monitor provides analytics at the edge, performing calculations at the device level, reducing complexity and expense. Each device collects data continuously and uses embedded logic to identify and diagnose common reliability issues, such as imbalance, misalignment, bearing faults, lubrication issues or fouling, which are consolidated into an overall asset-health score. — Emerson, St. Louis, Mo.

New solenoid metering pumps with a small footprint

Neptune Pumps

Featuring a durable, low-maintenance solenoid drive equipped with double-ball valves, the NSP Series of solenoid metering pumps (photo) provide consistent and precise dosing of a variety of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, coagulants and flocculants. The compact design and easy-to-use control of the NSP Series provide more efficient operation and shorter setup times for the operator. The small footprint allows it to easily integrate into dosing systems with limited space. The NSP Series is available in manual, analog- and pulse-controlled models. — Neptune Pumps, Grand Terrace, Calif.








New flow and energy meters for non-invasive measurements

Badger Meter

The Dynasonics TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flow and energy meters (photo) are designed for non-invasive, ultrasonic transit-time measurement for use in water and wastewater treatment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and oil-and-gas applications. TFX-5000 meters measure volumetric flow and heating or cooling rates in clean liquids, as well as those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, such as surface water or raw sewage. By clamping onto the outside of pipes, ultrasonic devices like the TFX-5000 meter do not contact the internal liquid and have inherent advantages, such as reduced installation time and cost. The TFX-5000 devices are available in two versions: a flowmeter for water delivery, raw sewage, cooling water, sea water, deionized water, water-glycol mixtures, alcohols, chemicals and many caustic fluids; and a heating/cooling energy flowmeter used in conjunction with dual clamp-on resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for temperature measurement in hydronic processes and HVAC systems. — Badger Meter, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

New software platform scales industrial cybersecurity


The Forge Cybersecurity Platform (photo) improves cybersecurity performance at a single site or across an enterprise by increasing visibility of vulnerabilities and threats, mitigating risks and improving management efficiency. The new platform safely moves data from one site to another and uses operations data to strengthen endpoint and network security, while improving cybersecurity compliance. Furthermore, users that may not have the cybersecurity expertise or resources to support the Forge Cybersecurity Platform can maximize their cybersecurity investment by utilizing this company’s Managed Security Services to host and run the software — Honeywell, Charlotte, N.C.


This new ribbon mixer improves plant hygiene

Munson Machinery

The model HD-3.5-9-SS ribbon blender features an integral bag-dump station that collects dust generated during manual dumping activities, improving worker safety and plant hygiene. Dust is drawn onto the cartridge filters of the dust collector, as nozzles within each filter alternately emit short blasts of air on a timed cycle, serving to dislodge accumulated dust and maintain vacuum efficiency. The unit can blend up to 85 ft3 (2.4 m3) of powders, pastes or slurries in 5–10 min, depending on the application. The mixer’s length-to-diameter ratio and split double-helical agitator (photo) reduce the time required to uniformly distribute particles having dissimilar sizes, shapes and bulk densities throughout the batch. Available options include a removable safety-interlocked grate on the dump station for additional interior access, spray lines for liquid additions, a central inlet port, multiple discharges, special drive arrangements and clean-in-place manifolds. — Munson Machinery Co., Utica, N.Y.


This monitoring platform has built-in cybersecurity

Bently Nevada

The Orbit 60 Series (photo) is a next-generation condition-monitoring and protection platform that collects and processes data to evaluate machine health. It is said to be the first intrinsically cyber-secure machinery-monitoring platform with a built-in data diode, which enables secure one-way data transfer from the device to this company’s System 1 machinery-management software for proactive monitoring and diagnostics. This platform offers 80 dynamic data channels, compared to the industry average of 50, with 1,200 times higher signal-processing power in a small physical footprint, says the manufacturer. The Orbit 60 system is certified to safety integrity levels (SIL) 2 and 3, and is compliant with API 670 standards. — Bently Nevada, LLC, a business of Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Minden, Nev.