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New Products & Services

March 2019

Spraying and drying systems improve pharma R&D

At Interphex, these companies will showcase a wide range of products and services aimed at research & development (R&D) projects, including fluid bed drying, spray drying, particle size reduction, tablet coating, high-shear granulation and vessel cleaning. These technologies can help users to improve and optimize processes, simplify scaleup and create customized solutions for challenges in solid-dosage processing.  Specialty nozzles in both electrostatic and ultrasonic spray options are also among the offerings. — Spraying Systems Co. and Fluid Air, Wheaton Ill.

These compressors are designed to reduce energy use

Kaeser Compressors

The new SM 7.5, SM 10, SM 15, and SFC 8 rotary-screw compressors (photo) have been redesigned to reduce energy consumption, extend service life and improve operational performance. These models feature the new Sigma 06 airend, which is said to increase intake capacity when combined with IE4 motors on the 10- and 15-hp models to deliver up to 10% more flow than previous versions. The updated compressors also include a dual-flow fan combined with an external-facing cooler, resulting in approach temperatures as low as 7°F. This improves the effectiveness of downstream dryers and filters in removing contaminants that impact product quality and tool life. The die-cast, sickle-shaped blade of the dual-flow fan reduces noise and cools both the drive motor and the interior of the machine for greater reliability. A built-in web server and communication ports enable remote monitoring. The SFC 8 model features a separate drive cabinet with dedicated cooling to protect the frequency converter and maintain optimal operating temperatures. To reduce floor space and installation time, these models are also available with integrated dryers. — Kaeser Compressors, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.

These versatile wastewater samplers are portable

Electro-Chemical Devices

The AQUA Series of portable wastewater samplers (photo) consists of three models designed to meet a wide range of sampling requirements. The very small AQUA-Compact, the passively-cooled AQUA-Coolbox and the multi-bottle AQUA-Multix provide plant technicians with comprehensive sampling flexibility. The AQUA-Compact is useful when samples need to be pulled and transported between sites or for temporary compliance purposes. The insulated AQUA-Coolbox ensures samples are stored at a cool temperature for proper laboratory analysis. The AQUA-Multix features a quick “lift-off” design for bottle exchange. AQUA Series samplers are equipped with an advanced air-pump vacuum sampling system, which delivers an accurate, reliable, representative and repeatable sample. As with stationary samplers, the AQUA samplers support the extraction of samples from either non-pressurized or pressurized effluent-pipe sources. — Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), Anaheim, Calif.


This new heat exchanger makes use of exhaust gases

Kelvion Holding

The new Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger (EGHE; photo) transfers heat produced by exhaust gases from combustion engines to a liquid. When heated up, this liquid can be used in cogeneration plants, combined heat and power plants, heating systems, biogas plants and furnaces. Its compact design makes the EGHE well suited for processes where space is limited. Made from high-alloyed stainless steel, the EGHE can handle temperatures up to 550°C. Its sturdy design withstands high continuous stress caused by vibration and pressure pulsation. The EGHE is equipped with a compact finned-heat-exchanger module, which is easily replaceable and service-friendly. Compact fin-tube bundles, which are completely made out of stainless steel, are insensitive to soiling and easy to clean with high pressure and cleaning agents. — Kelvion Holding GmbH, Bochum, Germany


Simplify screen changing for separator systems

The Electro-Lift system (photo) assists in expediting change times for separator screens, eliminating the need for two people to remove each frame. Electro-Lift is mounted independently to the frame so there is no need for it to be locked out when working. This also enables easier access to the separator unit’s interior for inspection and cleaning. Engineered with a 120-V sealed, gear-driven system, the system is simply plugged into an electrical outlet and only requires a single switch for operation. Unlike traditional hydraulic or pneumatic changing systems, the frames will not fall if the power goes out during screen changes, according to the company. Electro-Lift systems are adaptable to fit a variety of different frame-deck configurations, and most makes and models of round separators can easily convert to this system. — Midwestern Industries, Inc., Massillon, Ohio


This mixer is designed for hot melts and viscous dispersions

Charles Ross & Son

The Model CDA-800 multi-shaft mixer (photo) has a special triple-shaft design specifically suited for hot melts and viscous dispersions. The CDA-800 has a mixing capacity of 500–800 gal and is designed for full-vacuum operation (29.5 in. Hg). The mixer is suitable for high-temperature operation up to 600˚F and includes an insulated 50-psig stainless-steel dimpled jacket covering the side and bottom of the dished-bottom mixing can. The removable mix vessel sits 24 in. above the floor for convenient discharge. Speed, time, temperature and vacuum level are displayed on a 10-in. touchscreen and controlled via a programmable logic controller (PLC). — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.

Use this mobile app to optimize penetration-seal selection

Proco Products

This company has launched a new mobile application (app) to aid engineers in the proper selection and installation of pipe-penetration seals (pen-seals). Pen-seals can achieve a cost-effective mechanical seal when piping must pass through walls, floors, tanks, pipeline castings or vaults. The Pen-Seal Calculator (photo) is designed to assist in selecting the correct number of links and the correct size of links for pipe penetrations passing through walls or floors. To achieve a 100% water- or gas-tight seal, users can enter the pipe outer diameter and the penetration inner diameter to provide the required size and link combination. The Pen-Seal Calculator app is available for Android and Apple devices. — Proco Products, Inc., Stockton, Calif.


Monitor CFATS compliance with this new software module

Telgian Management Technologies

This company’s Compliance Manager software module aids chemical processors in assuring that their sites are compliant with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). This module is said to be the first commercial relational-database software application designed specifically to track CFATS compliance solutions and security measures. The module is flexible, scalable and secure, and provides consistent data management in real time, allowing users to manage all of their security protocols in one place. In addition, the Compliance Manager CFATS module allows organizations to submit and track forms and reports related to various requirements, and it also identifies and organizes the 18 CFATS Risk-Based Performance Standards with a company’s compliance activities. As site security plans or alternative security-program data are entered, the software offers continuous, one-step documentation and tracking of required annual audit information. — Telgian Management Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of Telgian Holdings, Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.


A three-in-one biogas-measurement device


The MGP261 (photo) is said to be the world’s first multigas measurement instrument for in-situ monitoring of methane, carbon dioxide and humidity, offering realtime gas composition data without sample extraction or treatment. This compact measurement instrument is Ex certified up to Zone 0, which enables inline installation in explosive atmospheres. The MGP261 gives continuous readings of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor directly in process pipelines. It is optimized for biogas production processes, such as anaerobic digestion of waste from agriculture, industries and municipalities, as well as the utilization of landfill gas. The MGP261 is based on this company’s patented Carbocap technology for infrared gas measurement. — Vaisala Oyj, Helsinki, Finland