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February 2020

Hydrostatic pressure test with this recorder

Ametek STC

The Crystal nVision Reference Recorder (photo) is an easy-to-use digital recorder used to both read and document hydrostatic pressure tests, offering precise, reliable information to ensure safety. The nVision’s rugged design makes it appropriate for the rough environments in which many pipelines are located. It is temperature compensated, so the accuracy of the recorder will not be degraded if it is used between –20 to 50°C (4 to 122°F). In addition to pressure, the nVision can also record temperature. The combination of pressure and temperature on the same graph provides useful information for the post-analysis of the test. The nVision Reference Recorder can store up to 1 million data points (as fast as 10 readings per second). — Ametek STC, San Luis Obispo, Calif.


Compact instrumentation valve: A monoblock with ball valves

WIKA Alexander Wiegand

The new model IBF monoblock with flange (photo) enables the safe connection of pressure-measuring instruments to critical processes, for example with natural gas or aggressive, highly viscous and crystalline media. It is available with ball valves and needle valves in double block-and-bleed or block-and-bleed configurations. The compact design of the new instrumentation valve reduces the dimensions, vibration sensitivity and leakage potential of the complete measuring assembly. The 10-mm bore of the ball valves ensures a smooth medium flow. A combination of plastic and metal sealing promotes safe operation. In the event of failure of the “soft” seal, the pressure presses the ball seamlessly into its metal seat. The leak tightness of the redundant system has been tested in accordance with BS6755 / ISO 5208 leakage rate A. The manufactured quality of the valve ensures smooth handling with low torque, even at high process pressures, says the manufacturer. — WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Klingenberg, Germany

Block I/O devices with IP65/67 protection


This company has launched a new generation of machine-level block I/O devices with the Simatic ET 200eco PN (photo). The new I/O family features IP65/67 degree of protection and includes five digital I/O devices, as well as an IO-Link master device, offering users a wide range of new functions. In their new industrial metal enclosure, the devices are reliably protected from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and harmful substances, even under adverse environmental conditions, making it possible to use the devices outside of factory buildings. The devices are supplied with power via an L-coded plug, resulting in a considerably higher current-carrying capacity. In turn, this enables longer cable routes in the field, and the supply and connection of more energy-intensive components (such as valve terminals) without the need for more supply cables. — Siemens AG, Munich, Germany


Use this air-classifier mill for production of fine powders


This company’s PPS air-classifier mill (photo) incorporates an internal air-classifying wheel with an independent drive, enabling precise control over particle cut-point selection. Suitable for batch processing or continuous operation, this range of mills serves all applications that produce fine powders, where control of grinding temperature and particle-size distribution are of prime importance. PPS mills are available with fully opening clamshell body designs, enabling easy access for rapid product changeover, inspection, cleaning and maintenance. The PPS mill offers high-energy controlled grinding and its integral classifier yields finer powders with a narrow particle-size distribution. — Kemutec, Part of Schenck Process Group, Bristol, Pa.


Sterile and customizable tubing systems for bioprocessing

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

The puresu range of single-use tube assemblies for bioprocessing applications (photo) has now been expanded to include three new product options: sterile-claim, gamma-irradiated and non-irradiated. Leveraging an open-architecture design by using puresu single-use components, users can quickly create a sterile fluid path that meets specific bioprocessing needs. Sterile puresu components are optimized for critical fluid-path bioprocesses and users who require contamination-risk mitigation. Gamma-irradiated puresu products are suitable for users who manage microbial control through bioburden reduction. Non-irradiated puresu components are designed for process-development activities. A variety of fluid-path components are offered, including tubing, tubing fittings, sanitary hose barbs, bio-clamps, valves and adaptors. — Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), Cornwall, U.K.


More filters added to this product range

Porvair Filtration Group

This company has expanded its range of microfiltration products by launching seven new metallic Compfil filters (photo) for use within process air and gas applications. The extended Compfil range provides a full suite of disposable and metallic compressed-air filters. Compfil PD, WD, WV, ST and PC are a range of sterile depth filters for process air and gas applications. These pleated depth filters consist of a three-dimensional borosilicate depth media, achieving a void volume of 95%, which ensures a high containment capacity at high flowrates and low differential pressure. A range of sintered-steel sterile filters for gases, liquids and steam, the Compfil SF filter is designed for removal of particles from gases, liquids and steam. The SF consists of a re-generable isostatically pressed filter cylinder made from sintered stainless steel. The retention rate ranges from 1 to 25 μm. — Porvair Filtration Group, Ltd., Fareham, U.K.


Thin computers for industrial environments


Designed to withstand high temperatures, shocks and vibrations over long periods, the new BTC14 (photo) industrial thin-client computer has four uniform digital DisplayPorts, enabling processes to be visualized on up to four Ultra-HD (4K) screens, providing an optimal overview of all information. Thanks to additional mounting kits and a rugged design, the BTC14 can be installed in numerous configurations. The preinstalled VisuNet RM Shell 5 firmware simplifies both virtualizing host systems and performing quick and intuitive configuration. The thin client portfolio also includes the VisuNet Control Center management tool, which enables efficient and centralized management of all thin client devices when used with the RM Shell 5 firmware: from the BTCs in the control room and production-related workstations to remote monitors in the field in Ex Zone 1/21. — Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany


These peristalitc pumps support programmable performance

Cole Parmer

The new Masterflex Ismatec Reglo Digital series of peristaltic pumps (photo) are designed with flow-driven technology that supports precision dispensing and a space-saving compact footprint to conserve valuable benchtop space in laboratory installations. In comparison to its predecessor, the new Reglo pumps have a wider overall flow range with the option of dosing between 0.00009 and 368 mL/min. The pumps include an anti-drip technology to help conserve valuable samples, speed ramping to better accommodate fluids with varying viscosities and touchscreen Android-based interfacing that supports programmability. Furthermore, the easy-to-navigate and 5-in. capacitive touchscreen display can be used with disposable gloves. Cartridge configurations offer a choice of 6, 8 and 12 rollers, allowing users to choose the optimal balance of flowrate and pulsation. — Cole Parmer, Vernon Hill, Ill.

Sifters for sanitary and corrosive environments

Gericke USA

GS Series centrifugal sifters (photo) are manufactured in either 304 or 316 stainless steel for installation in sanitary and corrosive environments. The sifters are specified to condition granular and powdered products prior to entering production, to safely remove foreign matter from the product, or to separate the product into two streams based on particle size between 40 μm to 5 mm. GS Series sifters feature a rotating paddle assembly that harnesses centrifugal force to pass fine particles through a mesh screen and divert oversized particles to the discharge. All set within a sealed, dust-tight housing, the screen and basket may be safely accessed within the machine for 360-deg visual inspection and quickly removed for cleaning and fast changeovers with minimal downtime. The GS Series comprises four standard models, each available with screen mesh sizes from 100 to 4,000 μm, throughput rates up to 120 ton/h and a choice of surface finishes. — Gericke USA, Somerset, N.J.


New self-priming pumps feature optional external flush

Vertiflo Pump

The Series 2100 self-priming centrifugal pump (photo) is well suited for handling solids and waste, due to its easy impeller access for clearing debris. The pump has an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber. It also has what is said to be the industry’s first optional external flush, resulting in extended seal life. Series 2100 pumps can handle flow capacities up to 1,300 gal/min and heads up to 112 ft. The pumps are available in 3-, 4-. and 6-in. sizes. The Series 2100 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including: liquids entrained with solids, pulp-and-paper processing, mining, raw sewage, sludge, slurries and wastewater. — Vertiflo Pump Co., Cincinnati, Ohio


An expanded analytics platform for infrastructure management


This company has added two new IIoT solutions to its Plantweb Insight data analytics platform (photo). The new Plantweb Insight Network Management application provides continuous, centralized monitoring of WirelessHART networks. This first-of-its-kind application provides a singular, consolidated view of the status of all wireless networks in a facility, with embedded expertise and guidance for advanced network management. A key feature of the Plantweb Insight Network Management application is a configurable mesh network diagram, which provides visualization of network design and connections, along with device-specific information. It also provides an exportable record of system log alerts, network details outlining conformance to network best practices and more. While the new network-management application provides a holistic look at wireless networks, the Plantweb Insight Power Module Management application drills down to the device level, allowing facilities to keep their wireless devices appropriately powered so that they can continuously transmit key monitoring data. — Emerson, Austin, Tex.

New multifunctional temperature calibrator


The MC6-T is a multifunctional temperature calibrator and communication device that can provide accurate reference measurements and simulations for temperature, pressure and electrical signals, such as resistance, current, voltage, pulses and frequency, together with HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus communicator. According to the manufacturer, the MC6-T can replace many individual devices, such as a temperature block, temperature calibrator, pressure calibrator, field communicator or datalogger. The device also offers the capability to calibrate short and flanged sanitary sensors, which is typically not possible with traditional temperature dry-blocks. The MC6-T is available in two different models: MC6-T150 for low-temperature applications and the MC6-T660 for higher-temperature calibrations. — Beamex, Inc., Marietta, Ga.

Rugged gaskets with a proprietary coating

Garlock Pipeline Technologies

This company’s new Evolution isolation gaskets (photo) are fully coated and offer a thin, 1/8-in. design, which minimizes the difficulties often encountered when attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The full-coating encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydrotested and left in the pipeline with the same isolation properties as before it was tested. The proprietary coating material is said to be extremely resistant to abrasion and impact, while providing chemical resistance to H 2 S, steam, CO, CO 2 and other chemicals. This fully encapsulated coating also prevents the need for expensive exotic cores, as it eliminates contact to exposed metal. According to the manufacturer, the Evolution gasket features the highest tightness parameters of any product currently available. Evolution gaskets also feature pressure-energized seals, a fire-safe Inconel 718 c-ring, built to match pipe bore, a short moment arm, moisture and humidity resistance, zero creep relaxation and a 316L stainless-steel core. — Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT), Houston


Protect electrical equipment in hazardous areas

Best Purging Systems

The Model YZ102 (photo) is a purge unit designed to protect electrical equipment in Class I hazardous areas. The unit applies Type Y and Z pressurizations, and when connected to a supply of protective gas, and utilized in conjunction with a Model PV-2 spark-arresting purge vent, the Model YZ102 will supply, regulate and monitor the protective-gas supply to a protected electrical enclosure and accomplish purging of the protected enclosure in an expedited manner. Type Z applications reduce the hazardous-area rating inside the enclosure from Division 2/Zone 2 to Unclassified. This allows general-purpose equipment to operate in Division 2/Zone 2 areas. Type Y applications reduce the hazardous-area rating inside the enclosure from Division 1/Zone 1 to Division 2/Zone 2. This allows Division 2/Zone 2 equipment to operate in Division 1/Zone 1 Hazardous Areas. Model YZ102 highlights include: a maximum enclosure volume of 15 ft 3; three mounting options; an operating temperature range of –20 to 120°F; and a unit supply pressure of 80 to 125 psi. — Best Purging Systems Corp., La Marque, Tex.