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December 2023

Hearing protection for demanding environments

NC-520XP hearing-protection headsets (photo) are designed for use in demanding environments. They incorporate Dual Bluetooth, which enables the connection of two Bluetooth devices simultaneously (such as a smartphone or radio), enabling hands-free communication. This also allows users to listen to radio transmissions and still be reachable. The noise-canceling Push-to-Talk (PTT) boom microphone ensures clear speech even in the loudest of environments. The headsets also feature a user-friendly answer button and rotary switch for convenient control of ambient sound volume and incoming communication. The headset has a rechargeable power unit designed for maximum durability. — Savox Communications Oy, Espoo, Finland


Advanced borescopes provide more precise inspections

The new VJ-4 dual-camera video borescope (photo) is available in four sizes: 2.5, 3.9, 6.0 and 8.0 mm. All VJ-4 models are equipped with a 5.5-in. QLED screen with 2.5x digital zoom, a touchscreen or stylus interface with on-screen annotation and an industry-first mini joystick, which provides precise control of the articulating tip. The articulating borescope provides high-quality video inspection with an advanced relative measurement function. The device’s six-stage LED illumination is easily adjustable with ten different brightness levels, which helps to provide clearer inspection images. — ViewTech Borescopes, Traverse City, Mich.


A new spray nozzle for thick or particulate-laden media

This company’s new HollowStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle (photo) provides a hollow-cone spray pattern, and features a tangential flow design. The design is vaneless, with wide-open internal features, to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a ring pattern with medium to large droplets to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust-suppression application. With HollowStream nozzles, the liquid is supplied into the body of the nozzle, creating a swirling action within a vortex chamber. This vortex produces the spray pattern when the machined nozzle breaks the liquid surface tension as it exits the orifice and into a controlled spray angle. The open, right-angle design is compact and appropriate for applications involving liquids that are thick, or containing particulate matter. The nozzles’ stainless-steel construction adds to their durability and corrosion resistance. — Exair LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio

Checking tablets, even under containment conditions

The new Checkmaster CM-X (photo) tests tablets randomly, and in compliance with OEB4 containment conditions, in interaction with this company’s F10i, F20i and F30i tablet presses from the new i Series. The Checkmaster CM-X tests the produced tablets for weight, diameter, thickness and strength/hardness. The equipment thus supplements the range of tablet test devices already available. With the i Series’ ergonomic human machine interface (HMI), the Checkmaster CM-X is easy to operate while minimizing the risk of errors, because manual data entry is no longer required. — Fette Compacting, Schwarzenbek, Germany


Check packaging integrity with this leak detector

The new SpeedAir 3050 leak tester (photo) is an all-in-one system for nonporous pharmaceutical containers. SpeedAir offers container-closure integrity testing (CCIT) for a wide range of products, including flexible or rigid, liquid or solid packaging. Typically requiring only 30–45 s, this mass extraction instrument quickly and efficiently delivers results, ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical containers. Unlike alternative methods that focus on specific areas or access points, the SpeedAir provides a comprehensive global non-destructive testing (NDT) approach that adheres to ASTM Standard F3287-17. — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany


Secure bearing lubrication in fiber-processing equipment

As various rotating machinery throughout fiber-processing operations experience extremely harsh and demanding environments, it is often difficult to manually retrieve oil samples. Maintaining an adequate surveillance of lubrication properties against harmful effects can prove very challenging. This company’s oil-monitoring system (photo) provides constant, remote condition-monitoring of lubrication-oil systems. Damages in rotating equipment bearings are often related to insufficient bearing lubrication. Typical failure modes, such as bearing vibration and elevated temperature, are normally only observed when the failure has already progressed. With this new oil-monitoring technology, upcoming failures can be predicted through changes in lubrication-oil quality. The device enables corrective actions before the actual failure arises, reducing unplanned shutdowns and the need for subsequent repairs. — Valmet Oyj, Espoo, Finland


New paddle agitator offers fast product validation

With new manufacturing improvements to its standard plated paddle agitator (photo), this company can speed up lead times on its 30-in. dia. and smaller-sized horizontal mixers. The new plated paddle agitators are manufactured with the paddle and arm sections cut from a single piece of stainless steel, reducing welding requirements and offering operators low-maintenance cleanability. Due to the integrated placement hole design, additional arms are attached, which means that the length of the paddles are shortened to offer improved mixing efficiency. — Marion, a part of Advanced Material Processing, Marion, Iowa

Efficient density determination for rubber compounds

Within rubber production facilities, density is an important process parameter that correlates with the degree of cross-linking or the hardness of the elastomer used. The determination of the density is therefore of great importance for the development of recipes and quality control. The ElaTest measuring system (photo) is designed for density determination of non-vulcanized (uncured) rubber and rubber compounds. With its rapid measuring method, integrated scale and robust design, the ElaTest system is suitable for challenging applications, such as tire manufacturing. — Brabender GmbH & Co. KG, Duisburg, Germany


This spray dryer has a cyclone separator

The Mobile Minor MM 100 spray dryer (photo) is equipped with the Cyclone CEE mechanical powder separator. This cyclone helps operators overcome challenges in spray drying, such as smearing due to powder settling in the cyclone, as well as abrasion and the resulting costly production downtime. The Mobile Minor MM 100 can operate with a process gas flowrate of up to 100 kg/h at an inlet temperature of 200°C. For many products, this means a 30% increase in powder production compared to previous models, says the company. High-performance HEPA filters are available, for food or chemical applications, as well as powder collection-tubes in sizes from 250 to 3,500 mL — GEA Group, Düsseldorf, Germany

Ribbon blenders designed for easy cleaning

The Model 42N-18SS ribbon blender (photo) is crafted from type 316 stainless steel with interior surfaces polished to a 150-grit finish for easy cleaning. With a maximum working capacity of 18 ft3, the blender is direct driven by a 10-h.p. gearmotor for processing materials with a bulk density of up to 60 lb/ft3. The agitator is a solid double-ribbon design, suitable for center discharge, with internal flanges welded to shaft-stub ends and a heavy-duty anti-friction bearing on the non-driven end. A two-piece safety grating with½-in. perforations ensures safe operation while the split folding covers are open. The finished product is discharged through a pneumatically-operated, 4-in. dust-tight knife gate valve. — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.