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Pump impeller delivers improved suction characteristics

| By Chemical Engineering



Movitec multistage high-pressure pumps (photo) feature a new impeller that significantly improves the pumps’ suction characteristics, including net positive suction head (NPSH). The impeller is particularly suitable in applications with critical inlet conditions (for instance, boiler-feed applications), as well as applications in which the pump is required to take in water from low-lying tanks or at higher temperatures. Under these conditions, a pressure drop in the intake area may cause cavitation to occur in the first pump stage. This can result in excessive wear of pump parts or motor bearings, as well as a reduced service life of the pump due to damaged parts and an unbalanced hydraulic system. The new impeller is offered as an alternative to the standard product. The new impeller features a modified inlet diameter, vanes allowing a slightly diagonal throughflow and a newly designed stage casing, all of which serve to substantially improve the pump’s NPSH curve. — KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal, Germany