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Recently published books for April 2024

| By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine

The following list is a selection of recently published books that may have relevance for parts of the chemical process industries (CPI): 

Processing of Biomass Waste: Technological Upgradation and Advancement. Edited by Angana Sarkar and Ulla Lassi, Elsevier Press, March 2024, 500 pages, $195.50.

Development in Wastewater Treatment and Research and Processes: Emerging Technologies for Removal of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products. Edited by Maulin Shah and Pooja Ghosh, Elsevier Press, February 2024, 550 pages, $230.00.

Fundamentals of Membrane Separation Technology. By Zhan Wang, Elsevier Press, January 2024, 450 pages, $170.00.

Electrochemical Membrane Technology. Edited by Adewale Giwa, Elsevier Press, January 2024, 524 pages, $187.00.

Microorganisms and Enzymes for Lignocellulosic Biorefineries. By Pratima Bajpai, Elsevier Press, January 2024, 272 pages, $191.25.

Storage Tanks Selection, Design, Testing, Inspection and Maintenance: Emission Management and Environmental Protection. By Karan Sotoodeh, Elsevier Press, January 2024, 352 pages, $148.75.

Corrosion Atlas Case Studies. Edited by Fuad Khoshnaw, Elsevier Press, November 2023, 250 pages. $242.25.

Monetizing Energy Storage: A Toolkit to Assess Future Cost and Value. By Oliver Schmidt and Iain Staffell, Oxford University Press, December 2023, 352 pages, $110.00.

Electrodeionization: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications. By P. Senthil Kumar and B. Senthil Rathi, Elsevier Press, January 2024 300 pages, $191.25.

Artificial Intelligence in Process Fault Diagnosis: Methods for Plant Surveillance. By Richard Fickelschrerer, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, January 2024, 432 pages, $164.00.


Oils and Fats as Raw Materials for Industry. Edited by Divya Bajpal Tripathy, Anjali Gupta and others, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, January 2024, 400 pages, $156.00.