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Recently published books for the CPI: January 2024

| By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine

The following is a selection of recently published books with potential relevance to various parts of the chemical process industries (CPI). 

Process Design for Cryogenics. By Alexander Alekseev, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2024, 384 pages, $160.00.

Handbook of Construction Management for Instrumentation and Controls. By K. Srinivasan, T.V. Vasudevan, S. Kannan and D. Ramesh Kumar, Wiley Publishing, 2023, 543 pages, $160.00.

Oils and Fats as Raw Materials for Industry. Edited by Divya Tripathi, Anjali Gupta and others, Wiley Publishing, 2024, 400 pages, $195.00.

Ludwig’s Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Incorporating Process Safety Incidents, 5th edition. By A. Kayode Coker, Elsevier Press, 2024, 1,280 pages, $200.00.


Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Applications and Case Studies. Edited by Masoud Soroush and Richard D. Braatz, Elsevier Press, 2024, 430 pages, $170.00.

Process Plant Design. By Robin Smith, Wiley Publishing, 2023, 534 pages, $95.94.

Metal Organic Frameworks and their Derivatives for Energy Conversion and Storage. Edited by Cao Guan, Elsevier Press, 2024, 450 pages, $204.00.

Polymer Nanocomposite Films and Coatings: Processes, Fundamental Properties and Applications. Edited by Mayank Pandey, Kalim Deshmukh and Chaudhery Mustansah Hussain, Woodhead Publishing, 2024, 876 pages, $234.50.

Electrodeionization: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications. By P. Senthil Kumar and B. Senthil Rathi, Elsevier Press, 300 pages, $191.25.

Advanced Materials-based Fluids for Thermal Systems. Edited by Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Elsevier Press, 2024, 350 pages, $175.00.

Data Analytics for Process Engineers: Prediction, Control and Optimization. By Daniela Galatro and Stephen Dawe, Springer Publishing, 2024, 154 pages, $74.68.

Industrial Applications of Nanoceramics. Edited by Shadpour Mallakpour and Chaudhery Mustansah Hussain, Elsevier Press, 2024, 462 pages, $187.00.