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Recently Published Books for the CPI: July 2023

| By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine

The following is a list of recently published books that may be relevant to professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI). 

Turquoise Hydrogen: An Effective Pathway to Decarbonization and Value Added Carbon Materials. Edited by Matteo Pelucchi and Matteo Maestri, Elsevier Publishing, 2023, 318 pages, $245.00.

Biorefinery Production of Fuels and Platform Chemicals. Edited by Prakash Kumar Sarangi. Wiley-Scrivener Publishing, 2023, 304 pages, $195.00.

Catalytic In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy and Extra-Heavy Crude Oils. Edited by Mikhail Varfolomeev, Chengdong Yuan and Jorge Ancheyta. John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2023, 560 pages, $225.00.

Resource Recovery in Industrial Wastewaters. Edited by Mika Sillanpaa, Ali Khadir and Khum Gurang, Elsevier Press, 2023, 500 pages, $191.25.

Biofuel Extraction Techniques: Biofuels, Solar, and Other Technologies. Edited by Lalit Prasad, Subhalaxmi Pradhan and S.N. Naik, Wiley-Scrivener Publishing, 2023, 640 pages, $249.00.

Condition Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Reliability in Rotating Machinery. Edited by Robert Perez, Wiley-Scrivener Publishing, 2023, 448 pages, $225.00.

Design of Innovation Processes: Flow from Idea to Market Launch with Speed and Value, Time After Time. By Darrell Velegol, Elsevier Publishing, 2023, 342 pages, $175.00.

Development in Wastewater Treatment Research and Processes: Advances in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technologies: Removal of Contaminants and Recovery of Resources. Edited by Maulin Shah, Elsevier Press, 2023, 450 pages, $195.50.

Process Intensification for Chemical and Biotechnology Industries: Fundamentals and Applications to Critical and Advanced Processes. By Shirish Sonawane, Sarang Gumfekar and Bharat Bhanvase, Elsevier Press, 2023, 300 pages, $153.00.


Explosion Dynamics: Fundamentals and Practical Applications. By Ali Rangwala and Robert Zalosh, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2023, 320 pages, $110.00.

Ceramic Matrix Composites: Lifetime and Strength Prediction Under Static and Stochastic Loading. By Longbiao Li, Elsevier Press, 2023, 214 pages, $174.25.

Modelling of Chemical Process Systems. Edited by Syed Ahmad Imtiaz, Elsevier Press, 2023, 312 pages, $170.00.

Microbial Bioreactors for Industrial Molecules. Edited by Sudhir Singh and S.K. Upadhyay, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2023, 512 pages, $200.00. 

Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage: Insights, Case Studies and Key Learnings. Edited by Lydia Rycroft and Filip Neele, Elsevier Press, 2023, 400 pages, $208.25.

Advanced Chemical Process Control: Putting Theory into Practice. By Morten Hovd, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2023, 368 pages, $140.00. 

Handbook of Corrosion Engineering: Modern Theory, Fundamentals and Practical Applications. By Chaudhery Hussain, Chandrabhan Verma, Jeenat Aslam, Ruby Aslam, Saman Zehra, Elsevier Press, 2023, 650 pages, $191.25.

Crises in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries: Disasters and Environmental Challenges. Edited by Mohammad Reza Rahimpour, Babak Omidvar, Nazanin Shirazi and Mohammad Amin Makarem, Elsevier Press, 2023, 425 pages, $191.50.

Methods in Process Safety, Vol. 7, Inherently Safer Design. Faisal Khan Amyotte and Mohammad Alauddin, Elsevier Press, 2023, 300 pages, $208.25.