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Recently Published Books for the CPI: May 2018

By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine |

The following recently published titles may be relevant for chemical process industries (CPI) professionals:

Biomass as Renewable Raw Material to Obtain Bioproducts of High-Tech Value. Edited by Valentin Popa and Irina Volf, Elsevier Press, 2018, e-book, $31.50 per chapter.

Dealing with Aging Process Facilities and Infrastructure. By the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), John Wiley & Sons, 2018, 208 pages, $125.00.

Fuel Property Estimation and Combustion Process Characterization: Conventional Fuels, Biomass, Biocarbon, Waste Fuels, Refuse-Derived Fuel, and other Alternative Fuels. By Yen-Hsiung Kiang, Elsevier Press, 2018, e-book, $31.50 per chapter

 DealingAgingProcesses FuelPropertyEstimation BiomassRenewableRaw





Practical Aspects of Chemical Engineering: Selected Contributions from PAIC 2017 (Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering). Edited by Marek Ochowiak and others, Springer Press, 2018, 465 pages, $349.99.

Biopharmaceutical Processing: Development, Design, and Implementation of Manufacturing Processes. Edited by Gunter Jagschies, Eva Lindskog, Karol Lacki and Parrish Galliher, Elsevier press, 2018, 1,308 pages, $370.00.

Production Management of Chemical Industries. By Kiran R. Golwalkar, Springer Press, 2018, 384 pages, $149.99.

 ProductionManagement BiopharmaceuticaProcessing PRacticalAspectsChemEng





Handbook of Surface Improvement and Modification. By George Wypych, ChemTec Publishing, 2018, 226 pages, $280.00.

Natural Polymers: Industry Techniques and Applications. Edited by Ololade Olatunji, Springer Press, 2018, 380 pages, $139.99.

Ionic Liquids: From Fundamental Properties to Practical Applications. Volume 2016 of the Faraday Discussions, By the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing, 2018, 450, $237.99.

IonicLiquids NaturalPolymers HandbookSurfaceImprovement





Renewable Energy Powered Desalination Handbook: Application and Thermodynamics. By Gnaneswar Gude, Butterworth & Heinemann Publishing, 2018, 622 pages, $200.00.

Product and Process Design, Driving Innovation. By Jan Harmsen and others, DeGruyter Publishing, 2018, 350 pages, $68.99.

Waste Biorefinery: Potential and Perspectives. Edited by Thallada Bhaskar and others, Amazon Digital Services, 890 pages, digital book, $200.00.

Standards for Steam Surface Condensers, 12th ed., By the Heat Exchange Institute (HEI), 2018, digital or print, $405.00.

HEI 12th Edition Steam Surface Condensers PR Image 4.18.18 DesalinationHandbookProductProcessDesign

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