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Recently Published Books for the CPI: September 2023

| By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine

The following is a list of selected recently published books that may have relevance to professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI):       

Advanced Chemical Process Control: Putting Theory into Practice. By Morten Hovd, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2023, 368 pages, 140.00.

Traditional and Novel Adsorbents for Antibiotics Removal from Wastewater. Edited by Seyedmehdi Sharifian, Neda Asasian-Kolur and Mika Sillanpaa, Academic Press, 500 pages, $199.75.

Solar Fuels. Edited by Nurdan Demirci Sankir and Mehmet Sankir, Scrivener Publishing, 2023, 432 pages, $242.95.

Handbook for Process Safety in Laboratories and Pilot Plants. By the Center for Chemical Process Safety, Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2023, 560 pages, $185.00.

Industrial Valves: Calculations for Design, Manufacturing, Operation, and Safety Decision. By Karan Sotoodeh, Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2023, 432 pages, $160.00.

Progresses in Ammonia: Science, Technology and Membranes. Edited by Angelo Basile and Mohammad Reza Rahimpour, Elsevier Publishing, 2023, 462 pages. $195.50.

Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage: Insights, Case Studies and Key Learnings. Edited by Lydia Rycroft and Filip Neele. Elsevier Publishing, 2023, 296 pages. $208.25.

Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering Using Python® and Simulink®. By Nayef Ghasem, CRC Press, 2023, 370 pages $80.00. 

Particulate Drying: Techniques and Industry Applications. Edited by Sachin V. Jangam and others, CRC Press, 2023, 204 pages, $112.00. 

Process Intensification for Chemical and Biotechnology Industries: Fundamentals and Applications to Critical and Advanced Processes. By Shirish Sonawane, Sarang Gumfekar and Bharat Bhanvase, Academic Press, 2023, 300 pages. $153.00.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry. By Ebrahim Noroozi and Ali Taherian, CRC Press, 2023, $112.00. 

Rotary Drum: Fluid Dynamics, Dimensioning Criteria and Industrial Applications. By Marcos Antonio de Souza and others, CRC Press, 2023, 110 pages, $96.00. 

Sustainability Engineering: Challenges, Technologies, and Applications. Edited by Eric C. Tan, CRC Press, 2023, 358 pages, $128.00.

Respiratory Protection Handbook. By William Revoir and Ching-Tsen Bien, CRC Press, 2023, 560 pages, $59.96.

Industrial Chemical Separation: Historical Perspective, Fundamentals, and Engineering Practice. By Timothy Frank and Bruce Holden, DeGruyter Publishing, 2023, 530 pages, $109.99.