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Reusable shipping container for hazardous materials

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Capsuloc (photo) is a new reusable shipping container for transporting flammable liquids. Made of hard plastic and featuring a twist-on lid, Capsuloc is a lighter, safer and more convenient alternative to traditional metal “paint can” secondary-containment packaging used for hazardous materials. Capsuloc’s advanced design provides a compliant seal without needing lock rings, and opens and closes by simply twisting the cap with no tools required. These durable containers can be reused repeatedly without denting or having to replace lock rings, and are completely recyclable. Having passed rigorous UN testing, Capsuloc can be compliantly shipped with an outer UN fiberboard box by all modes of transportation. Capsuloc container kits weigh 32% less than paint can kits, so they cost less per unit to ship. Futhermore, Capsuloc kits are half the size of traditional paint cans, meaning twice as many kits fit on a pallet, so shippers can keep more inventory in the same space. Finally. Capsuloc’s advanced sealing technology makes it easier to open, close and ship, while reducing spills, leaks and the risk that comes with using sharp tools to open and close containers. Capsuloc kits are available with different-sized pressurized glass bottles, pouches and outer boxes. — Labelmaster, Chicago, Ill.