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Röhm announces PMMA capacity expansion in Shanghai

| By Mary Bailey

Röhm (Darmstadt, Germany) announced that it has invested a double-digit million amount in the expansion of a production plant for PLEXIGLAS (branded in the Americas as ACRYLITE) molding compounds in Shanghai. In November 2021, Röhm also announced the expansion of a production plant for PLEXIGLAS molding compounds in Worms (Germany). “This significant global capacity expansion will enable us to further increase delivery reliability and flexibility for the benefit of our customers worldwide”, says COO Hans-Peter Hauck.


Röhm’s MMA facility in Shanghai will be expanded

Röhm’s branded polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is an in-demand raw material in countless growing sectors, such as the automotive, construction and lighting industries as well as for domestic appliances. This is because PLEXIGLAS is especially well-suited for applications where durability, resistance to weather and UV, color fastness, high luminosity and transparency as well as hardness and scratch-resistance are key.

Röhm has been successful in China for many years with its PLEXIGLAS molding compounds. The dynamic economic development of the automotive industry and the lighting industry in Asia is a driver for the expansion of capacity in Shanghai. The expanded molding compounds plant will go into operation in the second quarter of 2023. “In this way, we not only support the growth of our customers, but at the same time seize new market opportunities”, says Benjamin Ling, Asia President. Only a few months ago Röhm inaugurated a new technology center on-site in Shanghai.