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Rotary-screw compressors for indoor or outdoor use

| By Chemical Engineering

The new UP6S Series fixed-speed rotary screw compressor features O-ring face seals to reduce leak points and a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor. The unit’s TEFC design reduces the risk of particulate matter enteringIR Wordcloud the motor, while also keeping it cool, making the compressor suitable for use in harsh environments, either indoors or outdoors. The new Tri-Voltage motor enables the UP6S to adapt to a variety of applications, including powering pneumatic tools and many other equipment types. The UP6S Series also features spin-on filtration and separator cartridges to allow for easy maintenance. The compressor comes standard with a new controller that allows for simple diagnostics and remote start and stop access capabilities. — Ingersoll Rand, Davidson, N.C.