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A sanitary cone mill for sticky, fragile materials

| By Chemical Engineering



The Model CM540 Sanitary Cone Mill (photo) delivers gentle, low-energy size reduction while achieving even particle distribution with minimal fines. It is suitable for de-lumping of dried or hygroscopic materials that have agglomerated due to dampness or compaction, for intermediate sizing of “wet mass” product for improved drying and granulation prior to tableting, and for regrinding of out-of-spec tablets to be reintroduced to the tableting process. Its smooth, moderate action alleviates traditional milling problems of product build-up, dust and heat generation, enabling it to process fatty, heat-sensitive, sticky, moist or fragile products. Conical screens can be changed rapidly, and are offered with apertures from 150 micron for fine/dry de-agglomeration, up to 25 mm, including square and rectangular perforations for wet granulation. — Kason Corp., Millburn, N.J.