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Sight-glass-mounted camera enables remote vessel inspection

| By Chemical Engineering

Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics

The EXPCMR-IP-POE-4MP-IR-SGM explosion-proof camera (photo) is a remote inspection device specifically designed for observation in hazardous locations. Operated remotely from a centralized control room, the camera’s image sensor is suitable for sight-glass applications and provides live feed from inside tanks, reactors and other vessels. This network camera features an 83-deg, wide-angle fixed lens and an integrated infrared LED array, providing low light and nighttime visibility up to 45 ft. Additionally, the remote inspection camera is built to withstand demanding conditions in explosive environments. For sight glass or surface mounting, the device can be attached directly using a nut, flanged adapter collar or hinged bracket. Bracket components allow robust, angled positioning of the light head. — Larson Electronics LLC, Kemp Tex.