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On-site N2 supplied by these membrane-based systems

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new NGMs 1–3 range of nitrogen generators (photo) features membrane technology and offers a highly efficient, compact and simple on-site solution for low-flow N2 requirements, with the added benefits of minimal maintenance and operational costs. There are three models in the new NGMs range, and each can be wall-mounted to save space in small facilities. The NGMs generators boast a fast startup time, taking only a few seconds to produce nitrogen at the outlet. This results in maximum uptime and a continuous availability of N2. The generators are supplied as an all-in-one, integrated package, complete with filters. Fitted with pressure gages to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times, the ready-to-use units are housed in a fully enclosed protective canopy. No specialist installation or commissioning is required — only a supply of dry compressed air. — Atlas Copco Compressors LLC, Rock Hill, S.C.