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A smart system gets the compressor lubrication right

| By Chemical Engineering

Hoerbiger Ventilwerke

Hoerbiger Ventilwerke

The XperLUBE system (photo) uses automotive-style solenoid injectors to deliver lubricant in precise quantities. Unlike traditional lubrication devices, XperLUBE integrates fully with modern control systems and adapts to changes in operating conditions. A key feature is the way each injector records the precise volume of oil delivered at every stroke. This measured lube rate is used as a feedback signal to ensure that the actual lube rate always matches the target value. Standardized, modular design makes XperLUBE easy to retrofit to existing compressors. Users can start with a simple standalone installation or opt for a more powerful system linked to the plant’s distributed control system (DCS) if necessary. — Hoerbiger Ventilwerke GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna, Austria