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Space-saving, efficient compressed-air production

| By Gerald Ondrey

With a minimal footprint of approximately 1 m², the compact Aircenter systems (photo) are available for flowrates from 0.34 to 2.7 m³/min and also provide application-specific compressed-air treatment and storage. All Aircenter models are characterized by their exceptional efficiency. At the heart of the two largest models, the Aircenter 22 (11 kW) and the Aircenter 25 (15 kW), is an optimized SK series rotary screw compressor. With a maximum flowrate of 2.7 m³/min, SK models deliver between 11 and 14% more compressed air, respectively, than their predecessors, the company says. This performance boost has been achieved both through airend optimization and the minimization of internal pressure losses. In turn, these improvements have led to a reduction in specific power of up to 5%. — Kaeser Kompressoren SE, Coburg, Germany