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Test steel passivation in one second with this device

| By Chemical Engineering

The PassiFlash 3036, a portable instrument for stainless-steel passivation testing and validation, can test steel passivity in less than a second, the company says. The instrument works on all grades of stainless steel, and is designed for single-handed operation. The PassiFlash 3036 produces an immediate pass or fail signal, presenting the measurement in millivolts. The instrument allows manufacturers to test tank walls, pipe welds, pressure valves and others onsite, without having to disassemble equipment and send it for outside testing. Said to be the world’s fastest passivation tester, the instrument features “pop-on, pop-off” testing nibs that eliminate the manual application of test pads. Also, the “pen-probe” design allows one-hand operation, so users can test hard-to-reach areas more easily. It has built-in memory to store readings, which can later be downloaded to a spreadsheet or data file. Stored readings are automatically date- and time-stamped. Passivation testing is performed regularly to verify that stainless-steel vessels, pipes and equipment are free of iron particles, which can oxidize and contaminate products. — Koslow Scientific Co., Englewood, N.J.