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These enclosures now feature more secure gaskets

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Instead of traditional neoprene rope gasketing, new Foam-in-Place gaskets have been added to all product sizes in the Heartland series of polycarbonate and non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures (photo). These gaskets provide full secure contact to the mating cover surface with a continuous overlapping seal that ensures no air gaps, no glue joints and no shrinking of gasket size due to stretching of the material. The result is maximum sealing integrity and reliable protection of all wiring, connections, instrumentation and controls housed by Heartland enclosures. Heartland enclosures can be configured with either a screw cover or a hinged cover, and are available in 13 sizes with either opaque or clear smoked covers. — AttaBox, a brand of Robroy Enclosures, Belding, Mich.