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This bulk-bag discharger has an integrated dust-collection system

| By Mary Page Bailey

The Material Master bulk-bag discharging system (photo) features an integrated dust-collection system, which provides fugitive particle evacuation within the bag spout untie chamber and the 50-lb bag-break station, promoting operator safety and improved housekeeping. A remote-located dust-collection system includes an explosion vent for hazardous material handling. An integrated discharge hopper, butterfly valve and flexible connection work to discharge material into a collection drum. Automatically sequenced Flo-Master bag massagers promote material flow, while the Sure-Seal actuated spout-clamping system seals the bag discharge spout to the process inlet, creating a dust-tight discharging process. The powerful Flo-Lock discharge spout closure system halts material flow, allowing for partial bag discharging. — Material Transfer & Storage, Inc., Allegan, Mich.