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This compact compressor can handle raw biogas

| By Chemical Engineering

Mehrer Compression

Mehrer Compression

The TRZ 1000 (photo) is a completely oil-free, two-stage compressor suitable for use with raw biogas, as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and all common process and toxic gases. The lean, vertical design of the crosshead piston compressor allows it to achieve volumetric flowrates up to 600 m 3 /h. The water-cooled compressor operates at a suction pressure of up to 2 bars and a discharge pressure of up to 26 bars. The low overall height and low dynamic mass also ensure an operation with lower vibrations, says the manufacturer. All relevant operating parameters, such as temperatures and pressures, are displayed on a panel. The machine is suitable for both belt and direct drive. — Mehrer Compression GmbH, Balingen, Germany