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This seal stops leaks very quickly and holds for hours

| By Gerald Ondrey

RuptureSeal leak-stopping devices (photo) can be easily deployed to form a secure mechanical seal that stops leaks for up to 10 h. This technology is fully functional in just 20 s and is said to be faster and cleaner than any other leak-stoppage method, including wooden bungs or screw plugs. This fast deployment time is crucial to reduce environmental impact and cleanup costs. RuptureSeal products are available in four sizes and are compatible with over 40,000 substances. With full fuel and chemical compatibility, and an operating range of –16 to 122°F, deployment of this industrial-grade leak sealant requires no additional tools. Users simply compress the silicone pad into the rupture, pull back on the handle, and the seal is mechanically fastened in place — even on rough, unclean and splintered surfaces. — Denios Inc., Louisville, Ky.