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Ultra-high shear mixer for sanitary applications

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Model HSM-409XSHD-125 (photo) is a clean-in-place (CIP)-capable sanitary mixer featuring a type 316 stainless-steel mixing chamber, a 150-psig jacket for cooling and heating up to 250°F, and an X-5 Series 9-in. dia. AL6XN stainless-steel rotor/stator that operates up to 5,700 rpm). The X-Series mix head is a patented design made up of concentric rows of intermeshing teeth. Product enters at the middle of the stator and travels outward through the radial channels. Every pass through the rotor/stator exposes the product to tremendous shear due to the combination of very tight tolerances and extremely high tip speeds. Compared to traditional colloid mills, the X-Series routinely achieves a higher reduction in droplet or agglomerate size, says the company. — Charles Ross & Son Company, Hauppauge, N.Y.