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Use these pumps in applications with fluctuating feedrates

| By Chemical Engineering

Paul Bungartz

Paul Bungartz

The V-AN Series of self-regulating centrifugal pumps (photo) features a control system that independently adapts to changing feedrates, meaning that when media flows into a vessel, the liquid level rises until the inflow and outflow of the vessel balance out — without any type of mechanical or electrical regulation equipment. All V-AN pumps are dry-running, self-ventilating, operate free of cavitation and boast a low NPSH (less than 0.1 m). The pumps are suitable for applications with fluctuating flowrates, as well as those that require pumping boiling or gaseous media. Furthermore, the suction pressure can be lowered to the boiling condition as needed. The V-AN Series also allows for the reduction in feed-vessel diameters, saving investment costs, says the manufacturer. — Paul Bungartz GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf, Germany