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This vacuum-tray dryer features a unique CIP system

| By Chemical Engineering


The Model E1S fixed-shelf vacuum-tray dryer (photo) has a chamber volume of 1,150 L (40 ft3) and includes nine heated and cooled shelves with 36 removable trays. Available materials of construction include stainless steel types 304, 304L, 316 and 316L, as well as Hastelloy and other alloys. In addition to the heated shelves, the E1S is jacketed on all sides, top and bottom, as well as the door. Many optional features are available, including the patented “Multispray” clean-in-place (CIP) system and nitrogen-sparging manifold. The Model E1S can be supplied with this company’s Saurus piston-type vacuum pump, which can produce an ultimate vacuum level of 0.03 mbar, or the dryer can be used with other conventional vacuum-pump technologies. — Italvacuum S.r.l, Turin, Italy