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Veolia Water Technologies invests €20 million in new recycling and regeneration center near Düsseldorf

By Mary Page Bailey |

Veolia Water Technologies, a subsidiary of the Veolia group and leading specialist in water treatment, has invested in the development and construction of a new regeneration and recycling service center with mobile water treatment technologies and assets in Heinsberg, near Düsseldorf, Germany. The facility will regenerate and recycle the resins used in the mobile water treatment process, a key sector of activity for Veolia.

Strategically located in a central region of European industrial manufacturing, the new facility will support operations and customers throughout Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the North of France, with adjacent countries also accessible.

Mobile water systems provide a cost-effective alternative to fixed plants in a wide range of industrial applications and circumstances, be it an emergency situation or planned for commissioning, refurbishment, or maintenance applications. Contracts can range from a few days to multi-year agreements. Mobile water treatment systems are pre-packaged on a trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and responsiveness. 

Mark Dyson, Vice President of Veolia’s mobile water business, explained: “We provide our customers with the opportunity to recycle and reuse spent ion exchange resins and use our assets anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365, for short or long term requirements, without investing as a circular service. This provides both an economic and environmental solution to their requirements, and optimises the resources invested, ensuring reliability, business continuity and security of supply.”

In addition to the unique regeneration capability, the center will be equipped to maintain, service and store all Veolia’s mobile water services assets, spare parts and consumables. A team of people dedicated to this service will organize, deliver, regenerate and support the activities.

“The regeneration and service center in Heinsberg has been established in accordance with Veolia’s Impact 2023 strategy. Our mobile water business provides solutions for our clients to secure their activity and their assets, sometimes in adverse conditions, always in a safe and reliable way. It is also an innovative option to address water scarcity” said Vincent Caillaud, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies. “We see a big potential to grow our mobile water services activity worldwide. Heinsberg is the perfect base to do it from in Europe and this investment will ensure we maintain our market leadership.“

The new facility is set to be fully operational in mid-2021 and will create ten local jobs, including five permanent.

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