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Wood selected by Green Lithium to support the U.K.’s first commercial lithium refinery

| By Mary Bailey

Wood plc (Aberdeen, Scotland) has signed an agreement with mineral processing company Green Lithium, to be its Owner’s Engineer to build and operate the U.K.’s first large-scale commercial lithium refinery.

The partnership aims to fill the missing link in the electric vehicle supply chain, using a sustainable and low-carbon refining process, to connect Europe’s lithium battery and cell manufacturers with a secure supply of lithium hydroxide, produced from abundant international sources of raw lithium mineral ore.

The facility will be the first of its kind in Europe and will help to meet the growing demand for battery-grade lithium chemicals vital for the commercial viability of the European battery supply chain, the electric vehicle revolution and transition to net-zero.

Wood will draw on its experience of delivering lithium refineries in other territories, including Australia, and will ensure the engineering solutions meet the needs of a merchant refinery and help Green Lithium achieve its carbon net-zero ambitions.

Andy Hemingway, President of Energy, Innovation & Optimisation at Wood, said: “This landmark project will revolutionise the European supply chain for EV production and sustainable energy storage at this critical time in the energy transition. We’re looking forward to working with Green Lithium to support its development, as we continue to bring Wood’s global expertise to the fore in transforming the energy and transportation sectors for a low-carbon future.”

Sean Sargent, Chief Executive Officer, at Green Lithium said: “The appointment of an Owner’s Engineer is a crucial development for any major construction project, and we’re delighted that a firm with the experience, expertise and market standing of Wood will be fulfilling this important role for Green Lithium.

“This marks the latest milestone in the delivery of the UK’s first large-scale commercial lithium refinery, which will be a critical enabler for Europe’s electric vehicle and sustainable energy storage sectors as the continent transitions to net-zero.”