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By Gerald Ondrey |

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Gericke USA

Milling systems adjust at top for safety and efficiency

This company recently unveiled a line of cone mills (photo) for fine-particle size reduction. Developed for milling materials from 150 μm to 12 mm, these cone mills feature a patented design that allows the gap between the rotor and screen to be quickly adjusted based on the targeted particle size and shape from outside the machine without requiring any disassembly or contact with the cutting chamber. With a built-in gap-adjustment indicator verifying the selected particle size, efficiency, versatility and worker safety are achieved. The cone mills move dry, moist, fatty, sticky and heat-sensitive materials over a conical, serrated screen, passing on-spec particles through to discharge and recirculating larger particles back to the cutting chamber for further size reduction. Creating a high-impact cutting action at a low velocity, the cone mills quickly advance the material through the grinding zone with minimal heat, dust or noise generation. Available in three standard models, the cone milling equipment includes a quick-release access to the cutting chamber and rotor assembly for safe, easy cleaning and screen changes, plus food-quality seals and a choice of screen sizes, hole shapes and patterns. Custom-engineered models and a variety of custom options are available. — Gericke USA, Inc., Somerset, N.J.


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