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May 2006

In The News


Chementator: Nanodispersions

Air Products (Lehigh Valley, Pa.; has acquired the nanoparticle-dispersion production and related dispersion technologies…

Chementator: Pd catalyst

Sigma-Aldrich (St. Louis, Mo.; has commercialized an air- and water-stable palladium catalyst for performing…

Chementator: Jet fuel

Researchers at Penn State University’s (University Park, Pa.; Energy Institute are developing a jet…

Chementator: Plant security

BroadWare Technologies, Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.; and Intergraph Corp. (Huntsville, Ala.; have created…

Business News

A new Al plant

Qatar Petroleum (Doha; and Norsk Hydro A/S (Oslo, Norway; have formed a joint…

Technical & Practical