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July 2016

Cover Story


Modernizing TSCA

Last month, the U.S. Congress passed the Frank Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century…

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Chementator Briefs

Making more ARA Arcadia Biosciences Inc. (Davis, Calif.; and Dupont Pioneer (Des Moines, Iowa;…

A glass for all colors

Colloidal glasses develop structural color through constructive interference. The color can be tuned by adjusting…

Business News

Business News

Plant Watch Unipetrol breaks ground on Czech Republic’s largest petrochemical project June 10, 2016 —…

Technical & Practical

Facts at Your Fingertips

Industrial Gas Burners

Combustion in industrial burners is a critical operation in the chemical process industries (CPI) for…

Equipment & Services


Focus on Packaging

Machine secures complex loads to ensure safe transport The Multi FleXL stretch hood machine is…

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