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Monitor leaks in pressure-relief valves with this switch device

| By Chemical Engineering

Fluid Components International

Fluid Components International

FLT93L Series FlexSwitch (photo) accurately monitors pressure-relief valves for escaping flow with a flow-sensing switch-alarm assembly that is based on thermal-dispersion technology. The FLT93L switch detects leaking or seeping gas in lines to alert engineers to overpressurization. It issues a programmed alarm during such events. For the system to work properly, the FLT93L must detect low flows and yet avoid issuing false alarms that could seriously impact plant operations. The switch is easy to install and set up, and its voltage output allows users to see into the process and accurately set the desired trip point. Flexible dual relays are configurable by plant technicians for any combination of flow or temperature alarms. The FLT93L’s flow accuracy is±2% of the setpoint velocity over a±50°F temperature range. — Fluid Components International LLC, San Marcos, Calif.