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Röhm announces further investment in capacity expansion for Plexiglas molding compounds

| By Mary Bailey

Following the expansion of production facilities for PLEXIGLAS molding compounds in Worms (Germany) and Shanghai (China), Röhm (Darmstadt, Germany)  is further driving the growth of the company by the additional expansion of capacities for impact-resistant PLEXIGLAS, the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm.

A new section is currently being added to a plant producing impact-resistant PLEXIGLAS Resist special molding compounds in Worms. The plant is scheduled to commence production as early as June 2022. “As a reliable partner to clients around the globe, we will be able to guarantee the best possible delivery reliability and flexibility”, believes Chief Operations Officer (COO) Hans-Peter Hauck. Thanks to a modular concept, further potential expansion stages are also planned.

There is especially strong demand for PLEXIGLAS® Resist molding compounds from Röhm in the automotive, construction and lighting industries; they are also used in many household appliance applications. “By expanding our capacity, we are responding to the persistently high demand for impact-resistant materials,” says Siamak Djafarian, Senior Vice President Business Unit Molding Compounds. Impact-resistant PLEXIGLAS is particularly well-suited for applications requiring durability, UV and weather resistance as well as higher impact strength.