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This pressure-relief valve enables in-field adjustability

| By Mary Page Bailey

The Model L11F weight-loaded pressure-relief valve (photo) is designed to be used on tanks, piping and low-pressure vessels, and can be used as a standalone unit or in addition to existing pressure-relief valves to add additional flow capacity. It also includes a calibrated weight system that gives the operator the flexibility to adjust the set pressure of this valve on the top of the tank, eliminating the need to remove and retest in the shop on a test stand. According to the manufacturer, users can easily maintain, adjust settings and replace the L11F in the field, reducing downtime and lowering operational cost. Furthermore, the product runs at a wide range of flowrates. Made with aluminum casting, stainless-steel seats, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) pallets and zinc-coated carbon-steel weights, the L11F comes in sizes from 2 to 6 in. (50 to 150 mm) and is available with leakage rates compliant with API 2000 requirements. — LaMot Valve & Arrestor, Stafford, Tex.