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This rupture disk improves process performance, efficiency

| By Gerald Ondrey

The technically advanced LoKr reverse rupture disk (photo) delivers a best-in-class flow-resistance factor, KR, to maximize pressure-relieving performance while delivering superior reliability and service life. The disk’s architecture has been refined and optimized to improve performance in three key areas: keeping pressure drops in relief lines to an absolute minimum, providing maximum reliability and accuracy and being suitable for the widest range of pressures, temperatures and line sizes possible. The reverse-buckling disk combines a dimple on the disk with an innovative knuckle on the holder to offer full-bore opening with exceptionally accurate burst ratings. This enables a higher flowrate on burst than previously possible, demonstrated by the disk’s low KR value of 0.22. This makes it easier to keep pressure drops across the relief line below 3%, when the LoKr is used in relief valve isolation. Process plants can continue to use smaller piping diameters with no loss of performance or efficiency, even at low flowrates. — OsecoElfab, Broken Arrow, Okla.