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Crystal clear – ultrapure chemicals

Melt crystallization is a technology to produce ultrapure chemicals.

The suspension based process is extremely selective, providing slow crystal growth rates that allow pure crystal formation even in relatively impure melts. Our proven wash column technology effectively separates the valuable products from the impurities.

GEA melt crystallization provides an economic and energy efficient alternative purification step in cases where standard distillation is unsuitable due to e. g. close boiling isomers, azeotropic systems, heat sensitive products, products that tend to polymerize, explosive substances.

It is a continuous process for industrial applications for capacities ranging from 10 kg/h up to 50,000 kg/h product:

  • Substituted aromatics used in specialty polymers (pDCB, pDIB, pCT, NVP)

  • Isocyanates used in the manufacture of polyurethane (MDI, TDI)

  • Xylenes for the production of PET (pX and mX)

  • Aliphatic and carboxylic acids (MCA, Acrylic acid, acetic acid, lactide)

  • Benzoic acid, Phosphoric acid

  • Specialty solvents (acetonitrile, alcohols)

  • Wide variety of high purity organic specialty chemicals

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