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White Biotech – safeguarding the future of generations

From a fossil-based towards a bio-economically based industry.

Bio-based building blocks and biofuels play an important and growing role in the circular economy and the reduction of fossil oil usage.

Through biorefining, biomass like cellulose, lignocellulose, organic waste is turned into valuable products and components, used widely today across the food, feed, bioenergy and chemical industries.

GEA is a competent technology partner with abilities well beyond the supply of key technologies for biotechnological processes.

By combining and integrating process steps up to designing of complete process lines, GEA is able to develop and deliver energy-efficient and resource-saving concepts tailored to customer requirements. GEA assists their customers through all phases of their projects and thus contributes to their economic success.

Learn more about GEA’s contribution to the biorefinery of biochemicals