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Partner Insights

Partner Insights

Achieving Sustainability Goals in the Chemical Industry

Sponsored by Emerson
Sponsored by   Effective process automation is essential to any comprehensive strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with chemical industry plants and facilities. In many cases, energy efficiency projects are among the most cost-effective…

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Resource Efficiency in Chemical Manufacturing

Sponsored by Aspen Tech
Sponsored by Chemical manufacturers are facing a dual challenge with global demand increasing. On one hand, chemical production has to increase to address the growing demands of a growing global population. On the other hand, the industry is facing a…

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Silo Failures: Case Histories and Lessons Learned by Dr. John W. Carson

Sponsored by Jenike & Johanson
Sponsored by Silos and bins fail with a frequency which is much higher than almost any other industrial equipment.  Sometimes the failure only involves distortion or deformation which, while unsightly, does not pose a safety or operational hazard.  In other…

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EKATO Crystallizers for Batch and Continuous Processes

Sponsored by Chemical Engineering
Sponsored by  Crystallization as a basic process engineering operation is of paramount importance in the process industry. It is used for the production and purification of solids in numerous chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry processes. The use of mixing technology…

Title: Manufacturing Mindset for the Energy Industry
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Manufacturing Mindset for the Energy Industry

Sponsored by Siemens Digital Industries Software
  Ebook: Integrate your energy asset data The data supporting capital project lifecycles and operational assets contain intelligence that provides performance-enhancing insights. But how can you effectively utilize this data? Many industries have shown that adopting a Digital Lifecycle Excellence…

The EKATO PARAVISC impeller for highly viscous products and example of a reactor solution based on the EKATO PARAVISC
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Advanced mixing solutions for chemical plastic recycling

Sponsored by EKATO
Sponsored by  Well over eight billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide in the last 70 years, most of it since the turn of the millennium. Careless use of plastic has escalated into a global environmental problem. Unfortunately, the…

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Install the right instruments for a safe and effective SPCC plan

Sponsored by Endress+Hauser
Sponsored by   In every plant and every facility across all industries, safety should be the top consideration when commissioning control systems. For this reason, spill prevention, control and counter measure is a must in any setting where chemicals or…

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Dry Pastillation For Hot Melt Adhesives

Sponsored by IPCO
Sponsored by IPCO It is difficult to imagine a chemical product with a broader range of industrial and commercial applications than Hot Melt Adhesives (HMAs). Strong, versatile and easy to use, hot melt adhesives are used across sectors as diverse…

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Explore the Chemical Industry of Tomorrow

Sponsored by Hexagon
 Most businesses within the process industries have a digitalization strategy yet struggle to scale solutions that deliver value. At Hexagon, we recognize that transforming people, processes and data is fundamental to driving the right outcomes with advanced technologies. Our…