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September 2015

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Honoring 'green chemistry' achievements

Honoring ‘green chemistry’ achievements The 2015 winners of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards have…

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Chementator Briefs

Li-S Battery Storage Anesco Ltd. (Reading, U.K.; and OXIS Energy (Abingdon, U.K.; have…

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Facts at Your Fingertips

Variable Frequency Drives

Electric alternating current (a.c.) motors power all types of equipment in the chemical process industries…

Technology Profile

Production of Polylactic Acid

Polylactic acid (PLA) is the biodegradable polymer of lactic acid, which is produced via fermentation…

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Weftec 2015 Show Preview

Organized by The Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.;, this year’s Weftec conference and exhibition…