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Past issues

April 2023

Cover Story


Dorothy Lozowski

Energizing the CPI

The first issue of this publication in September of 1902, then titled Electrochemical Industry, contained…

In The News


The Protein Shift

Goals to sustainably feed a growing population with limited land resources are driving massive efforts…


Chementator Briefs

P-XYLENE FROM CO2 Last month, a Japanese consortium announced the successful production and purification of…

Business News

Plant Watch: April 2023

Plant Watch Evonik to expand methionine production capacity in Singapore March 9, 2023 — Evonik…

Technical & Practical

Pneumatic Conveying Basics

Pneumatic conveying is a versatile method for transporting powders and other solid materials within chemical…

Equipment & Services


Pipes, Tubes and Fittings

Safe and reliable transport for aggressive chemicals This company has expanded upon its proven line…

New Products